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Thread: Time For A Spring Cleaning

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    Time For A Spring Cleaning

    Washed my Z today and was debating whether or not to drag out the detail stuff. Car is dried and sitting in the garage and I ran my hand over the top which felt quite smooth. Then I put my hand in a plastic zip lock bag and ran it over the top. To say I was surprised is an understatement as the top now felt like it had a bad case of chicken pox or something. Went next door and had my son come over and feel the top. He agreed that it was nice and smooth till I had him try the plastic bag. He too was amazed at how rough that supposedly smooth surface felt. Weather man is predicting rain for the next two days so I reckon it's time for a thorough spring detail. I'll post my routine down in the detail forum.

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    Never heard of the plastic bag trick. Does that increase your sense of touch or something?

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    I'm in the process of doing it right now with the G35 and the Altima! It's going to take quite a few days since classes are still going, and I don't want to blow out my back, hehe. I'll probably do a coat a day with the Zaino for about a week, and chip away at the interiors, door jams, trunks and engine compartments during the curing times for the wax. Pics will come this time, as I have the intention of getting the cars looking near-new for the photo-op..except for the dings, chips and scrapes, of course!

    One thing I haven't done in a long time is clay. But, I keep so many coats on these cars, and claying is such a royal pain, that I just keep delaying my next "full" detail. It's not really full unless you clay, I know, but I will be the first to admit I'm not Superman.:p

    I was originally going to just wait till the semester ended, but we're experiencing the worst pollen dump on our cars that I can remember, and I just want to get a thousand coats on ASAP so that the crap just slides right off!

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    I always find myself washing and then it rains later within a couple days..:o
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    I am getting smarter with age, so now I always check the weather first, and I check it again before applying a new coat (no room for us to wax in the garage). We are going to have a week of nothing but sun and heat, so it's the perfect time to wax! Tomorrow, high of 93, which means the stuff will cure in less than half an hour. Yippee!:D

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike_TX View Post
    Never heard of the plastic bag trick. Does that increase your sense of touch or something?

    I don't know the mechanics of it but I think I first heard of it on the Meguiar's forums. It's amazing that the finish feels so smooth to your bare hand but is, in fact, covered with a lot of contaminants that you can only feel when using the plastic bag. My car has a nice coat of wax and water beads up quite well but still has a lot of unknown stuff all over it. Just yesterday I had mentioned to my son that even after washing and drying the car I could see spots on the windshield and side windows when the sun hit them. Ran the plastic bag over the windows and it almost felt like sand paper so they will get clayed too.

    I was sent to the hospital for observation. I didn't observe anything so I left.


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