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Thread: Unusual tread wear on inside tread blocks of the front tires

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    Unusual tread wear on inside tread blocks of the front tires

    I have never had problems with front tire wear on my 2006 G35 coupe until recently. I am now encountering severe wear on the inside tread blocks of both front tires. It is almost like you took a file and shaved off the inner half of the inner tread block with a file on a 45 degree angle. I had no indication of this wear pattern until I went to put the summer tires on again this spring and noticed the cord showing through on the inner edges of the tires. Glad I noticed!! This damage must have happened through the summer or fall of last year.

    I have had the front struts replaced, and the my mechanic replaced the lower rear control arm on the RHS. When he did the alignment he said it was off a marginal amount, but not enough to create any noticeable tire wear.

    Well, my new front tires are now starting to show signs of the same wear pattern. My mechanic is at a loss to explain it. Anyone had a similar situation, or have any ideas? Thanks...
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    I wonder if those new struts might be struggling under load/moving? Are they factory?

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    sounds like alignment......

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    There are a zillion threads on inside and irregular tire wear on all the 03-07 G35 Coupes. The 03 and 04s suffer the most. They all wear on the insides to some degree, but if yours are wearing as soon as you put the new tires on, there might be some additional issues. The tires with big tread blocks have the biggest issues. Have you changed your tires recently to a different tread design than previously?
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