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Thread: What do you use to clean your glass?

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    Sorry Mike! I assume you get Sherwin Williams glass cleaner at Sherwin Williams. But, you may not have one in your area. They don't make glass cleaner and probably don't make anything else either including paint. They have just found a way to remarket products to the public, especially contractors, and get away with charging much more for what might be considered an average product.

    The spray stuff in the white and blue can is as good as gets. I know because I asked Jack Nicholsen myself.

    Seriously though I've found that the foam from the spray cans gives a bit better chance to get the window clean in warmer weather. A little less evaporation. Windows are just a pain in the buttocks that can require multiple applications in even the shade.

    Do you have some of those people that offer cleaning, for a tip, when your stopped at a light in your area? They are probably the best people to ask. You may have to give up that bottle of Muskatel though!

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    Actually, you can't get Quality Care at a Sherwin Williams store. I've tried. The cheapest place I've found it is here They used to use it at the car wash I worked for till they started cheaping out on chemical.

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    Thanks, jdmser.

    Indemand - No, if someone comes up to our cars at stoplights we're allowed to shoot them, so there's not a lot of unsolicited window cleaning going on around these parts.

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