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Thread: possible alternator problem

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    possible alternator problem

    Hey guys, it's a 2003 G35 sedan. My alternator crapped out a couple months ago because it was putting out too much voltage putting my car into limp mode. I had the dealership replace the alternator but they told me they didn't have an OEM one so they put an aftermarket one in. Warranty on labour only, no parts. They also replaced all my belts at the same time.

    While trying to chase the electrical gremlin that was putting my car into limp mode that turned out to be my alternator, the dealership also replaced my DRL module, battery, Key

    Car was running all fine and good but last week intermittently the battery light and the ebrake light come on when I start the car but goes away when I start driving. I don't know if it's just me but I also swear I can hear some sort of whirring sound when I drive, deffinately not a belt squeel though. Friends said my car always sounded like that so I'm not sure. Is my alternator about to crap out again? Any possible checks I can do?

    I've searched on the forum already and the people experiencing the alternator problem with batt light and brake light similar to mine had their lights stay on. Like I said, mine only comes on sometimes when I start the car and goes away usually immediately after I start driving or blip the motor.

    Thanks in advance

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    I have not heard of many or any alternator issues since being on this forum. With the age of your car, I assume eventually our cars do get old and electrical issues may arise. How come the dealership doesn't warranty their replacement alternator? It's usually standard for 12 months on parts and labor. Did you go to Infiniti or an independent? How much was your alternator putting out? Mine puts out a constant 14volts which is probably acceptable.
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