Please join me in welcoming Steve aka 2LiterTurbo as our new Freshalloy featured member!

My name is Steve; I’m a mechanical engineer by trade, but a pure die-hard Nissan enthusiast at heart! I currently have a 96 240SX, 07 G35, and of course my 92 240SX project. The girlfriend also as a Nissan per my recommendation! Ha ha. Fresh-Alloy has been a great place over the past couple years that I’ve been a part of it to converse with good people about Nissans, Infinitis and general random topics. I definitely plan to stick around! Thanks for the opportunity to be a Featured Member!

The funny thing is that I didn’t start out tinkering with cars for fun. I loved to drive them, but didn’t want to do the work myself. I grew up around my Dad being in the auto body field, so he always had me helping him with odd ball things (I’m the oldest of 6 boys, so I was the logical choice for a helping hand). When I was 15 years old, I had my first “driving experience” by taking an old ’78 Trans am that ran, but wasn’t all the way put together, around the fire lane around our house at 6 in the morning. It was such a blast! I learned how to pitch it sideways around corners and counter-steer. I spun out a few times of course, but I got the hang of it. Anyways, having 50 acres of flat dry land had its advantages. My brothers and I made a “rally-x track” using a backhoe and started doing laps in an old ’75 Datsun B210 (first “Nissan” in the family). It was an old beater my brother Scott bought for $350, but it ran enough to have fun in! That car got rolled, jumped, slammed into things, etc by 3-4 rowdy kids before we had to take it to a scrap yard!

Anyways, I got a bit off track. The first time I actually got interested in working on cars I was already 18-19 years old. A co-worker of mine had an Integra GS-R that was all modded out (not rice actually, it was done cleanly) and he would BS about it all the time. That got me interested in more than just driving fast. I wanted to make my car faster too! Problem was, I had an 85 automatic Accord at the time! Doh! So, being influenced by my co-worker, I bought a 97 Honda Civic EX, which I thought was super cool at the time. That lasted about 6 months when I made some new friends and one of them owned a shop… and the “shop car” was a car I never really saw before… an ’89 Nissan 240SX.

But it wasn’t just any 240SX, it had a super cool JDM engine swap! Back in 2003, this wasn’t as common as it is these days. It had a Blitz LM FMIC, Exhaust, and all the “typical” bolt-ons of today; but back then, it was awesome! My friend gave me a ride on a remote street/cul-de-sac and went balls to the wall and I fell in love! What was I doing with such a boring Civic!? The very next day I started my search. I had some cash saved up for an engine swap on the civic, but I changed my mind! I was going to buy my very own 240SX as a project and daily drive my civic. October 11th of 2003, I bought my first 240SX. A 1993 Red Coupe! Then plans got changed…

October 14th 2003, just 3 days after I bought a 240SX for a project car, the civic was stolen. It was later recovered, but everything was gone except the motor (which I thought was weird). I was making payments on the car, and of course the insurance company didn’t give me near what I owed (or even what it was worth) for the car. So I ended up buying what was left back, and gave it to my Dad in exchange for him paying the rest of the loan off. He still has it to this day! Sorry, side tracked again; back to the 240. Since I didn’t have a daily anymore, the 240SX became my daily driver. And it would be for the next two years while I saved my money.

Fast forward to August 2005. I worked my ass off during the summer, and had some money saved up to FINALLY do something to the fairly stock 240SX I’ve been driving for 2 years. So I started searching and finally ran across an SR20DET front clip for $1500 in Santa Rosa, CA. Since I only lived 45 minutes away at the time, I borrowed a truck and picked it up! I brought it back up to Oregon with me (where I went to school… and had my car registered!) and started prepping. By Spring Break that school year, I finally had a running SR20DET in my 240SX! I was the happiest guy in the world at that moment. I began doing every kind of racing I could possibly attend. Drag racing was the cheapest and most numerous in terms of events held, so I did that a ton. I made over 150 passes in the first year! I also did auto-x many times and participated in my first drift events.

I still have that same SR20DET in my current 240; except now it has a lot of work done to it! The motor had 200,000 miles (160,000 from myself) on it before I ever opened it up! That’s how much I drove it! It will be going into my new 240SX chassis, which will hopefully be its final home forever.

And that’s my story… thanks for reading!

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