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Thread: Pretty Good Gas Mileage

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    Pretty Good Gas Mileage

    50 miles on a 2 lane 60mph and another 30 or so on a 70mph 4 lane today. Not bad mileage for a 332hp hot rod. Of course driving around town dropped it down somewhat but overall 174 miles averaged 25.6 mpg.
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    Thats great milage!
    30 years ago that much power would have only come out of a large V8 and you would have seen 17 mpg numbers even on the hiway
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    Nice! Best I ever got in the G35 was 28.9 mpg as well cruising at 65mph in the high desert in Eastern Oregon. I typically get 24mpg commuting to work (combo of hwy, hwy traffic congestion, and in town).
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    I remember many years ago when I was a kid and my dad would brag about getting 21 mpg with a Ford flathead v-8. Yesterday on the way home I was following a cattle truck on a two lane highway. He was cruising at 65-70 mph so I just hung back and cruised with him. We had to come to a stop when a farm truck in front of us was making a left turn and subsequently it was taking the cattle truck a bit to get his truck and load moving and up to speed. There was a break in oncoming traffic and I was in third gear so I punched it and started to pass. When I was about even with the cab the shift light blinked and I caught 4th gear just in time to watch the speedometer climbing past 110 mph as I cleared him and pulled back into the lane. Sure beats the heck out of the l948 Nash I had when I was a senior in high school.
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    Pretty impressive for the HP ! Makes you wonder why anyone would buy a Pirus
    I barely get 24/25 on the hwy these days in the G, hovers around 19/20 around town. Ironically, the M gets the very same 19/20 - go figure ..........
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