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Thread: Mirror Distortion

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    Mirror Distortion

    2013 FX37 driver side mirror image distorted.

    The cars on the mirror look wider and shorter like when your 16:9 tv stretches the 4:3 image.

    Is this something new to give you a wider field of view or is the mirror defective?

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    Mirrors to me have looked weird for years. Whether or not they have writing on the botton. I find it worse as a passenger though.

    To not answer your question though, I don't think this should be a specific issue you need to complain about. They are all strange.

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    I don't know if that's a feature or not Dave. If they have another one at the dealer see if it's mirror distorts too. May be a new wider field of view gizmo.
    I was sent to the hospital for observation. I didn't observe anything so I left.


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