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Thread: 2014 Mercedes S-class undisguised pics!

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    2014 Mercedes S-class undisguised pics!

    Interior pics linked to here.

    Sample of the stunning interior:

    Overall I love it! Some people have been thinking that this is the best-looking S since the W140, and I concur. I love how that interior has similar sensual curves and an organic motif not unlike our current M. Of course, the lighting is far beyond any current Infiniti interior, though I would not be surprised to see a similar atmosphere in an Infiniti flagship some day.

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    Love it.

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    Looking at that and the recently-redone E, it looks like MB is getting away from the lumpy bumpy tendon and muscle look it tried for the last couple of years.

    This S-class looks like it's recycling some of the Maybach styling cues.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike_TX View Post
    This S-class looks like it's recycling some of the Maybach styling cues.


    And its not a bad thing!
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    The more I look at this W222, the more I get a W126 vibe. There have been comparisons to the W140, but that car didn't have the low, sleek stance of the W222, nor did it (or any S-class from it through the departing W221) have such an imposing grill. I feel that this new one will go down as a timeless and almost universally-acclaimed design. I have yet to see a negative reaction in any car forum that I've crawled since these were leaked yesterday. Some W126 pics:

    That was truly one of the most beautiful large sedans ever built. The more I mature and show interest in timeless design, the more I appreciate it. It's better than any BMW IMO. Hopefully the W222 is as reliable and easy to maintain long-term as the 126, continuing MB's trend of recapturing the solid, dependable nature that they were known for in my childhood.

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    I'd love it exp. inside car

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