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Thread: Front hub Bearing M35x torque specs & nut part # query

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    Front hub Bearing M35x torque specs & nut part # query

    hello All...
    I ordered 2 front wheel bearing hub assemblies for my 06 M35x.
    I have 95K miles on the car now. I am hearing (feeling) that strange unique
    hub bearing rasping noise / time to R&R.

    Can anyone verify the hub nut torque spec? I am coming up with 92 foot lbs.
    I cannot find a part # for this nut, anyone?

    Also, same for the 4 bolts that hold the hub assembly to the spindle. Would like to get new ones in case.
    Cannot loocate part #'s or torque specs for these.

    Steve C

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    Made progress in locating torque specs at least!
    A bit of surfing took me to an enthusiast site where a member (ASAVAGE) from Washington wrote up an excellent R&R on Infiniti M wheel bearing changeout. Good photos to boot also.

    I am going to replace both fronts today on my M35x.

    With almost 100k on the odometer on my 2006 M, the only failures I have experienced to date have been:

    Fan contoller, early build date failures.....mine failed! Replaced under warranty

    Rear mufflers....both sides cracked where the muffler pipe is welded to the flange. This occurred at about 75k miles. Best I could find on an OEM muffler was $500 ea. I ended up buying a set of Megan Cat backs for $350.

    All in all, not bad for almost 100k miles!


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    Finished replacing both front hub bearings on my 2006 M35x. Both were wiped out, both were noisey. Right side axle was frozen into hub, it was a pita. Other than that, job went fairly smoothly with a hitch or two here & their.

    You will need to move the steering wheel side to side to access bolts. I disconnected the tie rod ends from the steering knuckle so I could do this without an assistant, or me having to get up & turn the wheel myself.

    Both front rotors were frozen to the hub. Their is a threaded hole in each of the rotors to aid in seperating rotor from hub. I had no metric bolt assortment handy, so I used one of the two 10mm bolts that secure the brake line bracket to the steering knuckle. Worked out well.

    Next project will be repacking rear bearings!


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    Steve, is this front hub bearing wear at around 100k miles inherent to the AWD M? I have a RWD G that was essentially a hand-me-down from my father. He bought it before the G35x debuted (it is an original 2003 with the doggie door trunklid!). I haven't experienced the symptoms that you describe yet, but was just wondering if it's bound to go any time soon. The car has 159k miles on it as of this evening. If and when this car finally bites the dust (I intend to keep it for a long, long time!), I may replace it with a slightly newer, used G35/37 AWD sedan. I figure there will be more parts to wear out and replace, but your M experience has me feeling good about how well-built these cars are, even with the extra drive shafts and differentials.

    Thanks so much for the updates too! I really wish I had time in my crazy schedule to D.I.Y. more than just my detailing. Still, I love learning from other forum members how this work is done.

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    Hi Jay,
    I have a very early built 2006 M, I picked it up in Oct. of 2005, car was built in Japan in August of 2005.
    I notice a few part updates were made during the 2006 model year, including the fan contoller, disc brake pads (not sure about brake hardware), and the front hub bearings I just changed out. These are the items I am aware of, may be more!

    I have read about an awd M front hub bearing failure @ 40k miles, and one at 59k miles. Nothing about a rash of failures, I would say they hold up pretty well.

    I am not sure if there is a factory procedure for sealed bearing inspection / servicing on vehicle other than runout / play. Problem is, I find hub can look & feel ok on the car displaying no outward signs of play or wear, but it can produce noise from within if bearings fail. (You will hear this noise while driving). A lot of people confuse this with tire noise, and I have read about dealers advising owners to replace tires, when in fact bearings were the culprit.

    I have come across noisey hubs that upon inspection, had play in them (really wiped)! In my case, the hubs looked & felt OK while inspecting them on the car, after removal was the only way I could feel the grinding within, verifying they were defective.

    2 coworkers have older Infiniti's, one has a 2003 G RWD & the other an '04 M45 RWD. They love them, will never give them up & they tell me I bought a few years too late!

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