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Thread: Banned by Autospies over Merc hybrid system

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    Banned by Autospies over Merc hybrid system

    I happen to mention that Mercedes Hybrid system may have come from Nissan, I listed how Nissan system works and showed how the Mercedes is exactly like it and that Mercedes does not brag about their system as being theirs, they just give you the results. Now I can't login and when I try to reset my password my ID is invalid! WOW talking about being on the German Auto Co. Jock and hating Nissan!

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    LOL - must have MB fanboys as Mods ..............................
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    Autospies video reviews of new German cars always proclaim them to be the greatest machines ever made. In some cases that may be mostly true, but I've seen stuff that no one should see... like when they gushed about the F30 3-series interior being "the best-in-class" (Ha! There's more plastic in there than in the G37 and almost as much as the original G35!) or that the F01 7 was the "best car in the world" (how many people think it's better than the W221?) or the new A6 review where they said it drove "more like a BMW than BMW" (sure... and so does my Altima with its FWD chassis!). I mean I like how in-depth some of their articles and videos get, but they are so full of it a lot of the time.

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