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Thread: 2015 Mercedes-Benz C-class (W205) leaked interior pics

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    This particular interior has a bit too much black for me. They likely have other options available. I tend to like Mercedes interiors over the rest of the Germans. Audi's were nice and I guess still are but they never ever change, much.

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    MB released a sketch of a black/cream combination with the more traditional medium-tone (walnut?) wood that is more interesting to me:

    I'd probably choose either that one or the classic MB beige interior with wood.

    Seen here on my two favorite E-class interiors to date:


    W212 (the 21st-century interpretation of the W124 )

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    MB Interiors are my second faves after Infiniti.
    The older ones even more than the newer ones as I "grew up" with an early 80's MB.
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    The older ones were of the highest quality. Adjusting for inflation, a W124 300E from the 80s, like the one whose interior I posted up there, would cost about $90,000 today. That gets you an S550 in 2013. Now, some of that additional affordability comes down to better manufacturing and technology, but the MBs from the 80s were still the most solid. W126, W124, W201- all tanks. I could guestimate, though, that Mercedes has been ~90% of the way back to that solidity and quality of materials with the W221, W204 and W212. I think that the generation starting with the W222 S-class that just went on sale will show them to have come full circle. They're back. And at the same time, Infiniti is looking really wobbly. I hope that I don't have to choose between them when I'm ready for a car because.... I'm kinda leaning MB should I have to.

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    No such thing as a good 80's car. Been an uphill struggle for most since with all the new government standards. Praise smaller companies like Infiniti for raising standards even if no one wants one. Generally though I think you need to get much more sleep these days.

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    Plenty of great 80s cars. Most Nissans, Hondas and Toyotas were awesome, built to a standard, affordable, reliable, drove well, etc. Everyone on our street was filling up on these while we clinged to Detroit's 80s refuse. Now had you said no such thing as a good 80s American car, then I'd be inclined to agree. My dad finally said screw it and went with an 89 Sentra and never looked back. For premium cars, it was Mercedes making the luxury equivalent of those solid, dependable, great-driving Japanese cars that the masses drove. It all changed in the 90s. Lexus and Infiniti took MB's old post, MB over-reacted to the market pressure and the Japanese low prices by merging with an awful company and decontenting to the point where their cars were as awful as Detroit's. In the late 00s. they began to recover. Lexus, Infiniti and Acura looked better than ever. And American brands finally stopped producing garbage.

    I'm worried about Japan's 10s legacy. The 20-teens may be to them what the 70s were to the American auto industry. I disagree that it's gubmit regulations. They used that to their advantage before. It think that the strong yen, combined with favorable exchange rates and economics for the Germans and the resurrected US auto industry, are taking their toll on the Japanese big three. Maybe there's some arrogance and greed too. They haven't fallen like the Americans and Ze Germans. But now, they may be falling from grace. I haven't seen a quality slip like this from them... ever. When was the last time CR didn't recommend Accord, Altima, or Camry? When was the last time you couldn't trust a Japanese engine or transmission? This looks really bad for them.

    And yeah, I need more sleep. So do all of us. Aren't like two-thirds of American adults sleep-deprived?

    EDIT: exterior leaked!

    Luxury trim:

    Sport trim:

    It really does look like a mini-W222 S-class! This thing is going to sell like chocolate-chip pancakes. I might have been one of those sales, if I had more than 20 bucks.
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    Undisguised exterior pics in HD

    A sportier, mini-S based on the best-looking S in decades. I think that MB may clean up with this one. Hmm, I may have a new favorite entry in this segment.

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    wow nice....

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    Wagon! Please bring it to the US!

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