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Thread: Interesting comment on Car and Driver's review of the new S-class

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    Interesting comment on Car and Driver's review of the new S-class

    This person sensed issues with the tone of the article:

    I seriously start to think that Mercedes is not leaving enough advertising money with car magazines as Audi or BMW does. Or is it a certain social envy that is levied selectively at Mercedes and not at other equally or more expensive competitors. No Mercedes testing in CD recently, be it the long-term GL test, the CLA 45AMG test or now the new S-class, that is not choke-full with scathing irony, pseudo-witty exaggerations or down-right derision and social presumptions about the prospective owners. Where this a new Audi I would read a serious test celebrating the engineering achievement of perfect handling, comfort and power with all-wheel drive and phantastic efficiency. Get adults like Csaba Csere to test cars again and not teenagers that dream of writing for the Huffington post or a left-leaning College magazine. Have your writers look at old road tests like the one from 1979 of the 450SEL 6.9 and realize how low they have fallen in comparison. This is a car magazine and not a site for social studies.
    While I don't get his political implications at the end (wtf with the Huff Post reference, and most left-leaning kids I know adore MB and various luxury goods), I think he's right on. This is exactly what I have been seeing with their Infiniti reviews- and most of the rest of magazine reviews of both brands.

    Could it be that Infiniti and MB just don't give a hoot? They will let the reviewers do what they want and are of the attitude that they'll succeed without them? It's interesting. Well, I hope it works if that's the case. I'm not a fan of bribery. And while Infiniti will struggle to succeed with the US press against them, MB has the heritage, loyal following, and global admiration to do so without some little snot car magazine choosing it over the latest trendy Audi.

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    Quality letter from that guy.
    I like his word smithing too.

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