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Thread: 2014 Mercedes S550 tour video by Saabkyle04

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    2014 Mercedes S550 tour video by Saabkyle04

    What an amazing vehicle. Holy Christmas at the interior! The exhaust note is much more aggressive than I expected. Mercedes is getting angry, big-V8 sound out of their small-displacement twin-turbo 8-cylinders. BMWs turbo V8s sound like a QR25 with an exhuast upgrade. Speaking of BMW, MB finally adopted a really pleasant, unique startup chime similar to BMW's. No more buzzers (pre-late-90s), BEEP BEEP BEEP (late 90s-late 00s) or VW/Audi-ripoff chime from the W221.

    I'm interested to see how they've improved the reliability of the Airmatic suspension in this iteration. I've seen good signs over at 2012+ CLS and 2013+ GL forums. It's like 8 grand to replace the suspension at all 4 corners, so it would be nice if they could get it to last a decade or 150,000 miles. Then an old S-class would be a much more easy used purchase. The only way to fly if you're not a CEO leasing new IMO as these things suffer massive depreciation.

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    Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes-Benz? That's the only way I'll ever have an S-class, unfortunately. It's certainly a fantastic car.
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    Yeah, it would pretty much take divine intervention for me too. Maybe if I live to over 100 and never retire, I'll have enough saved in the early 22nd century to buy one of the W230s with a flux capacitor.

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