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Thread: '03 G35 Radio Problem. Speaker Noise Even When RadioTurned Off

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    Update 8-28-14

    Hopefully (hopefully) at the end of this mess. I finally did what was suggested by some and what I should have done from the start - took it to a local shop with a good reputation. Lesson learned.

    My buddy tried hard and I helped as I could. I appreciate my wonderful friend's efforts immensely! He is an absolute Trooper. But we were both burned out after a day and a half in the heat and humidity and we buttoned her up drivable without getting the DVD Park Brake wired and without the Nav Antenna and Bluetooth Microphone installed. He did get the "Keep Factory Navigation With Aftermarket Double Din Head Unit" mod done for me. This took way too much time and trouble and really bogged down everything else. I should have just bought the "Coin Pocket" and skipped the "Keep Factory Nav" mod.

    Took the car to the local shop with the Jensen VX7020 in the dash, and only the front speakers and the passenger rear speaker working, No sub. No Nav. No Bluetooth, No DVD , and the Jensen remote not functioning. Steering wheel controls were wonky as well.

    Picked up my car today with everything working as it should! The installer says the rear Driver's side door wiring/speaker was fine, my Bose Amp(s) were fine, the sub was fine. He said my buddy had actually tapped into the Passenger side rear speaker output at the Bose amp when he ran his wiring bypass test and that is why all sounded fine when he hooked the rear Driver side speaker to the "bypass" wire. In other words, the installer feels strongly that it HAD to be a bad rear driver side channel in the factory head unit. Installer had to wire some resistors into the Jensen steering wheel control wiring, but he got them all working. Sub was out because when I was pulling fuses to try to "kill" the factory head unit back when it was stuck in the "constant CD eject cycle" I must have put the Sub fuse back in one spot off. That is what the installer found to fix it, anyway.

    I appreciate all who chimed in here to help, THANK YOU to each and every one of you!
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    It's rare to have someone report back. Thanks. The radio stuff is a specialty. Glad you got it resolved.

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    Thank you Indemand. I absolutely and truly appreciated your help, and that of the others who weighed in.

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