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Thread: I'm Going to Let Go...

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    I'm Going to Let Go...

    Well folks, that 's all she wrote. I am finally giving up the keys to my 2003 Caribbean Blue 2 door coupe. I bought it in May of '03 so it was an early model. My "G" has all the options available: 6-speed manual trans, Brembo brakes, staggered 18" wheels, the Bose sound system with Satellite radio and the Navigation system. Other than tint on the windows, polished wheels, a custom billet front grill, an '04 center console and a K&N/Stillen air filter it is completely stock. Since new the interior floor has been covered with the original floor mats and optional OEM rubber mats. The trunk is immaculate with optional OEM trunk mat. The spare full sized spare tire has never been used and the compartment has been untouched. The engine compartment is as clean as he rest of the car. I have used Zaino products almost exclusively, it has been garaged since new, never been in an accident, the oil has been changed faithfully at 3000 mile intervals, as are all service programs. I also have all the new car documents, including the window sticker.
    When I bought my G, I thought this could be a future classic, so I saved magazines, brochures, inspection certificates and other memorabilia.
    I know the websites say my car is worth between 10k to 13k. But think the combination of the unusual color (for a coupe), that it is loaded and the fine condition it's in , that is it worth more, not only to me, but that the next owner, if he/she is willing to keep this 2003 COTY intact, he/she will have classic in the true sense of the word. 69,000 miles on it, how much does everyone think I should ask?
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    I say ask a grand over private party book.
    The book does adjust for desirability of equipment , color and exreme condition (bad or good).
    I know you want to ask more than book but my recommendation is to just book it out properly for condition and features

    if parting ways with it breaks your heart ask a grand over book and see what happens.. You might get lucky. but labors of love rarely get full requitted by the marketplace.

    Please also consider putting it on your classifieds section.

    Occasionally cars do get sold there and they always wind up in the hands of someone who appreciates them.
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    Dont forget MultiMedia forums!!

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    Unfortunately, Fred's advice is spot on

    My cars are all meticulously maintained and have low (or ridiculously low) miles, but it's very difficult to find a buyer who appreciate & will pay for it.
    Many of my cars end up going to someone I know or work with. Basically people who know me & the car and are willing to pay a little more for a "known quantity" than rolling the dice @ the dealer or a complete stranger.

    GLWS, maybe someone here will snap her up. Sad to see another CB car slip away !!
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    Honestly in my opinion, it really comes down to what you really feel comfortable parting with that car, and the urgency of which you need to sell it. Like Fred said a grand over the book is definitely fair considering the model and the way that you have taken care of it.

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    She's Gone....

    After a month of putting my "G" on the block, she finally sold. I got the call from my broker this past Saturday. The future buyer wanted to talk to me before he made his decision. I told him that this car was maintained with near fanatical care. I told him that if I had not lost the sight in my eye, I would've kept the "G" until I died. But I was torn between taking it back and storing it away or selling it and moving on. After I talked to the buyer, I told my broker that if it did not sell, I would be taking her back. I guess that lit a fire on the buyers ass and he bought it that day. It's better that it went down that way, I suppose. I think I still have "Seller's Remorse".
    Thanks to all of you here at "FreshAlloy" for all your support and help in enjoying this phenomenal ride. I joined "FreshAlloy" shortly after "Afropuff", and now I'm leaving as well. As we get older, we have to give up our toys. This was the last purchase I made more with passion than with practicality. I will miss all the advice and information I got from you all on how to improve my "G". I especially enjoyed all the stories about what the others were doing.
    I took everyone's advice and asked for 1k over suggested price. It listed between $11,000 to $13,000 depending on condition, so I started at $14,850. I got $14,000.
    I will still be stopping by periodically, so this is not goodbye, it's more like "See you later"...
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    Glad you got a decent price, and sorry at the same time. You enjoyed her while she was with you, and now you can move on.

    See you around -
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