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Thread: R34 GTT RB26 swap.

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    R34 GTT RB26 swap.

    ok I have a 1999 R34 GTT. RB25det Neo motor. I have decided to do a GTR engine swap on it. the long term goal is AWD also but for this summer im going RB26dett Rwd. need to collect some more things to do the AWD conversion and summer is almost here.

    What i have:
    RB26dett and AWD trans from R32 GT-R (has harness and ECU)
    in R34 is RB25det Neo with rwd manual trans (obviously has harness and ECU)
    I also have a RB25det with rwd trans from R33 thats in my 240 but i am willing to rob parts off it for now to finish R34 project for summer (has harness and ECU)

    the plan:
    RB26dett from R32 GT-R, +Rwd trans from R33 Gtst.

    big problem I am running into with this swap is the wiring and ECU. the R34 neo has alot of what i call "body control" stuff in the harness and ECU that i will loose when swapping engines.

    i got the engine all ready to pull and when i pulled the harness from the ECU through the firewall that was when i realized i was about to loose a lot of features in my car (lights, AC, ABS and a whole lot more electrical). so now im freaking out. im worried the engine may work but ill have not functions in my car at best.

    the first step was to attempt to separate the engine harness from the "body harness" this cant be done without cutting wires so i was very careful to log where each ware came from and where it was going while cutting. also got the Pinout diagram that tells colors or wires and functions.

    I need help with this guys any and all input is great! i i have seen other members of this forum do RB26 swaps in GTTs but never saw what they did about wiring.

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    ok so i made a list of wires i cut to separate the body harness from engine harness

    What i am calling the "body harness" is the harness that splits off at the fire wall right after it comes to engine bay, it immediately has plugs that hook up the the ABS system then the rest of the loom travels along the left inner fender then across the core/radiator support to fuse box. Im assuming that i need that part of harness to stay with the car.

    the "engine harness" is what travels along fire wall to the motor.

    i also self named some of the plugs or mini looms/harnesses that branch off 1-4. i will psot a pic of each mini harn or plug with a label to help make sense of this.

    Other wires cut from R34 GTT harnesses.pdf
    cut wires on NEO harness to ECU.pdf

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    here is the plugs and mini harnesses i marked as 1 2 3 or 4 in my break down on previous post attachments

    pic 1 = plug 1
    pic 2 = plug 2
    pic 3 = harness 3
    pic 4 = harness 4

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    Boy, wish I could help, but this is far out of my league. You're doing the right thing by carefully labeling everything, though, and backing it up with pictures.

    Things are a little slow at the moment, but hopefully some of the guys will weigh in and have some suggestions.
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    hey man thanks for the response! yeah wiring scares me lol i can do it but i just need to be told what to do. so thats why i labelled and logged everything. there is much morei actually made so many print outs i had to get a binder to hold all the info in haha

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    anyone have any ideas lol????

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    Do you have the wiring diagram or schematic? One thing that has always helped me with wiring is just to think about it as a road map. Kind of makes it a little less intimidating, for me at least.

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    im still looking for more diagrams haha. i have the pin out lists for both ECUs. what im worried about is not the engine working but the car functions working. i know i can drop this motor in with its harness and ECU and it will run but it seems im going to loose alot of functions of the car, gauge cluster, lights, abs and so on

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