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Thread: She's Gone....

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    She's Gone....

    After a month of putting my "G" on the block, she finally sold. I got the call from my broker this past Saturday. The future buyer wanted to talk to me before he made his decision. I told him that this car was maintained with near fanatical care. I told him that if I had not lost the sight in my eye, I would've kept the "G" until I died. But I was torn between taking it back and storing it away or selling it and moving on. After I talked to the buyer, I told my broker that if it did not sell, I would be taking her back. I guess that lit a fire on the buyers ass and he bought it that day. It's better that it went down that way, I suppose. I think I still have "Seller's Remorse".
    Thanks to all of you here at "FreshAlloy" for all your support and help in enjoying this phenomenal ride. I joined "FreshAlloy" shortly after "Afropuff", and now I'm leaving as well. As we get older, we have to give up our toys. This was the last purchase I made more with passion than with practicality. I will miss all the advice and information I got from you all on how to improve my "G". I especially enjoyed all the stories about what the others were doing.
    I took everyone's advice and asked for 1k over suggested price. It listed between $11,000 to $13,000 depending on condition, so I started at $14,850. I got $14,000.
    I will still be stopping by periodically, so this is not goodbye, it's more like "See you later"...
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    thank you for your kind words!!!!!

    I'm sure you are not alone w/ the seller's remorse......

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    Stop by and say hello every now and then. Ownership of a Nissan product isn't mandatory.
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    Sorry to hear the beauty is gone..

    try to get the buyer on here

    I am sure you will stop by and say hello sometime
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    Dont forget MultiMedia forums!!

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