S14 SR20DE+T
9.5:1 Sentra SR20DE pistons (the weak point)
Deatschwerks 450CC injectors with adjustable regulator set to 60PSI (makes the injectors 528CC)
Cosworth head gasket
ARP head studs
50 trim, .48AR T3 turbo
Emusa top mount cast iron manifold
Emusa 38MM external waste gate (TiAL knock-off)
Air regulator type boost controller
Full 3" exhaust
Bosch 023 in-tank fuel pump (good to 600HP)
Tuned MegaSquirt 1/Extra, 29y04 code, v2.2 board

KYB GR2 shocks all around
Eibach 300LB/in front springs
Ground control adjustable front perches
VW Passat front springs in the rear (300LB/in, 1"+ lift)
Stock brakes with ceramic pads all around (more than enough to lock up all 4)
Custom front strut tower brace
DIY "power brace" for the front caster brackets
Techna-Fit stainless braided brake hoses

It's got ring issues on #1 (low compression), #3 I believe has a cracked ring land (low compression and burning oil).
I would say bore/hone it out to 87MM and drop in some nice alloy pistons, then it would be very reliable.

Before it started having issues, it was making 300BHP+, I would not be surprised if it even made 350WHP.
I never had the chance to get it on the dyno.

The car is completely stripped on the inside, I started making a new dash, but it's rough right now (it works), other than that... No head liner, no panels, barely front carpet, etc.
I've weighed the chassis, and it clocks in at 2230LBS.
Paint is rattle can, never got around to making it nice (only the passenger door).
No major rust (just surface stuff from last winter it saw).
No AC, but does still have heat.
Needs front/rear main seals.

Fix the engine, add a cage, go drifting/rallying.

This car has always impressed people with the power it had.

It does still technically run (though there isn't any gas in it), but I would not drive it a long distance (no more than across town).

I'm tossing in whatever extras I have as well:
Original rear springs
Original front half prop shaft
Extra rear differentials
OEM alloy wheels with snow tires (one tire is damaged)