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Thread: vs Chevy SS - TFL Car

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    vs Chevy SS - TFL Car

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    It only took these guys a year to finally post something, anything relating to the Q50. I was thinking that they'd just never get around to it.

    For those who don't follow these guys, they always do this type of incongruous mash-up. Probably just to piss you off. Obviously, a logical one would be the SS versus the Q70 5.6.

    Wait, why is the Q50 faster in half the trials this video? I give up on life.
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    I think their full review should be coming next week. But they did do a non-video review here:

    and parte dos:

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    Wow this is far from the only review I've seen in which they rave about the sportiness of the Q50. There really is a duality of Infiniti reviews in the automotive press, the objective ones embracing the car as an aggressive yet comfortable sedan and the detractors nitpicking the car to death. I increasingly take criticisms of the steering with a *huge* grain of salt. As if any premium sedan has great steering feedback anymore. Nowadays it's all about quick ratios with accuracy and electronic assist increasing efficiency at the expense of feel.

    Also, on this same TFL test track:

    BMW 435i convertible: 1:13.38

    Infiniti Q50S 3.7: 1:12.32

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    I wouldn't put too much weight on the lap times... neither one of the guys on TFLC are pro drivers.
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    They're not but I don't think the editors of the boyracer mags are either.

    That Car and Driver puts the last-gen Accord and current F30 BMW 3-series on its 10 best lists speaks volumes. The badge does the driving, not any real professional driver.

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    I actually just test drove the SS and loved it.

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