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Thread: 2015 JD Power Vehicle Dependability Study (some Nissan/Infiniti/MB content!)

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    2015 JD Power Vehicle Dependability Study (some Nissan/Infiniti/MB content!)

    This came out a few weeks ago, but sorry to say I didn't even have time to comment. I just finished a research project after putting in an all-nighter as it is.

    I've been more of a Consumer Reports guy, but I do take this one survey of JD's quite seriously. It has some value in gauging mid-term durability. Their Initial Quality and Appeal surveys seem a bit more frivilous.

    Thankfully, Nissan and Infiniti are at least both above-average in this one. Funny how Infiniti is always one spot above BMW; this has gone on for years (BMW moves up and down with them)!

    But since this is a survey of 3-year-old, i.e. 2012, models, it doesn't bode well for where Infiniti will be in a couple years when the Q50 and its first-year DAS/Intouch circus is factored in. They're already below the Nissan brand. But a quick search in this survey's history will show that Infiniti has done very poorly on select years in the past (like 2012), falling down near Land Rover/Jag at times. Yowzers!

    Mercedes fell, but still is in the top-10. They were 2nd after Lexus last year. They too have troulbesome 2014 models-- the CLA and S, with the CLA being by far the worst for quality control. However, they are also offset by some of the most reliable models in this survey. Maybe they won't go off a cliff of their own in 2017... I've got my eye on them. The current-gen E-class and GLK have been brilliant, and this year, actually TOPPED their segments! Take that, Lexus fans!

    All three German luxury brands (four if you want to include Porsche; not sure how people wanna classify them) are above-average. This definitely ain't the 90s!

    It's pretty amazing how reliable cars are getting. The chart-topper 10 years ago (Lexus, naturally) had 139 problems per 100 cars! That result would put you just barely above the industry average today!
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