I have an 06 M35X with intermittent audio cut-out problem. My M35X has the DVD entertainment system. I've read that this is a known problem with the early Bose Multi Channel Amp. I'm looking for a replacement amp but having a difficult time finding the correct part number for the Multi Channel Bose Amp. The Bose Amps offered on eBay seem to be all over the place in describing whether they're 2 channel or multi channel amps. The 28061-EH11 Bose amp seems to come in A,B,C,D and E designations and span the 2006 - 2010 M35 and M45 models . They all appear to have the same 3 banks of multi-pin connectors but (as I stated) the descriptions seem to be all over the place to whether they are 2 channel or multi-channel amps. The official Infiniti parts site lists the 28061-EH100 as the correct amp under my VIN number but those amps (on eBay) are listed as 2 channel amps. Does anyone know the correct amp for this system? Are the A, B, C,D and E designations just upgrades or different model year designations for the multi channel Bose system? Like I stated they all appear to have the same three banks of multi-pin connectors. Thanks for any help you can provide.