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Thread: Feathering question

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    Feathering question

    I have a 2006 FX45 and as mentioned before members have had a lot of issues with Infiniti feathering.
    My question is, can the feathering/cupping results be offset by rotating the front tire to the rears but reversing them to face inward instead of outward? Would this cause a different problem?

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    Well, the tire "experts" say not to do what you're suggesting. The tires take a "set" and reversing their direction of travel supposedly causes wear and handling problems.

    Just rotating the tires every 5k miles or so is about all you can do to fight the feathering and cupping, and once it starts it's gonna do nothing but get worse over time.

    Beyond that, the best thing you can do is to make sure your castor and camber are set right.
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    Once its started its near impossible ot stop...

    But in general one of the primary issues that causes feathering can often be a less than perfect alignment.

    When you have the car aligned ...go to a quality alignment shop only..
    As a minimum an Infiniti dealer and you slip the tech a 20 and ask him to get it right on the nose not just in the green...

    Also alignment shops were you see lots of high end sports cars getting serviced will have good alignments done.

    Most places just get them in the ballpark and call it good enough.

    Often this is enough to cause feathering.
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    Hi Guys, Thanks for the advice. I did alignments at each tire change and most recently at one of the highest rated centres in Toronto. They were dead on. Also redid at my usual service place a, speed shop in Mississauga.
    I guess I'll have to grin and bear it like many other Nissan/infiniti folks.

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    Hopefully global warming will solve your issue. Them damn frost heaves are unbearable!

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