Available in Plug and Play for the 240sx (S13/S14), 180sx, Silvia (S13/S14/S15), 200sx S13, 350Z, 300zx, Fairlady Z32, Skyline GTS R32, Datsun (all), RX7 FD and BMW E36. We have also developed a Standalone version.

The Wiring Specialties 2JZGTE VVTi wiring harness is ideal for those looking for the best in aesthetics, weight savings and reliability.

Our harnesses are designed from the ground-up to exceed OEM specifications for wire quality, power/ground routing. With our optimized and 'tucked' approach the end result will be a clean and worry free installation with a guaranteed start up​.​ Completely replace your old OEM harness and never worry about electrical gremlins again.


  • Plug and Play simple and efficient

  • NO CORE HARNESS or additional wiring required

  • OEM wire colors used, where applicable

  • All sensor signal connection use EM shielded wires

  • Fireproof fiberglass sleeving used in high-temp sections near the manifold & turbo (-40C/-40F to +450C/+845F operating temperature)

  • Point-to-Point continuity tested on every wire

  • Constructed using exact OEM connectors and seals

  • Made with high temp TXL wire with adhesive shrink tubing (-40C/-40F to +125C/+257F operating temperature)

  • Wrapped in lightweight nylon loom (-94C/-137F to +125C/+257F operating temperature)

  • Includes a charge harness and improved grounds

  • Fully tested after production for an easy plug-and-play installation

  • Main Engine and Transmission one-piece tucked harness

  • 3x Coilpack connections

  • 2x Knock sensor connectors

  • MAP connector

  • IAT connector

  • TPS connector

  • Boost solenoid wiring (with AEM/Haltech or aftermarket computers)

  • VVT-I connector

  • 10-pin igniter chip connector (relocated to inside the car)

  • 2x CAM sensor connector

  • Crank sensor connector

  • Throttle motor connector

  • OEM Oxygen sensor connectors (wideband wiring is not part of the EFI harness, except AEM Infinity 6/8)

  • 2 x Ground ring terminal

  • ECT sensor connector and cluster coolant temp switch connector

  • Reverse lights sensor connector

  • Speed sensor connector

  • Alternator connector

  • Starter signal connector

  • OEM oil pressure 1-pin connector

  • Speed and Tach signal converter connector

  • ECU Diagnostics mode connector

  • ** No traction Control wiring supplied

  • Printable install instructions with pictures

  • Turn Key ENGINE START Guarantee