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Thread: Gun-Control ALWAYS a prelude to badness.. Essay

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    Gun-Control ALWAYS a prelude to badness.. Essay

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    Truth is gold.
    Am I blessed or possessed?

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    There is really no other reason for gun control than to disarm political opponents. No. Other. Reason.

    They will tell you it's to reduce violence, and to disarm the criminals, and for our own protection, and to save the children, and all sorts of other BS, but in the end it's because they don't want us to be able to resist them when things become intolerable.

    Our Forefathers understood the need for private citizens to keep and bear firearms, and I pray we never see the day when that basic right is taken away.
    If someone blows up a school with a bomb they go after the bomber ... if someone shoots up a school they go after the gun.

    A privilege is just a right that has been taken away by government.

    Political correctness is cowardice wrapped in a lie.

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    "Become intolerable"
    If we haven't gone urban guerrilla by now, we won't.
    that's why the Demoncraps are dropping it as a political cornerstone for the most part.
    Am I blessed or possessed?

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