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Thread: Nissan NSX before it was an Acura

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    Nissan NSX before it was an Acura

    I had seen this vehicle in pictures before but it never caught my attention. I was reading an article today and came to find out that the Nissan MID4 II was first shown at the 1985 Frankfurt motor show which was before Acura ever introduced the NSX. The entire vehicle looks exactly like the NSX as well as the wheels. mid4.jpgnis-mid4.jpg
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    There are some similarities, but also substantial differences, such as the Mid's C-pillar vs. the B-pillar and back glass on the NSX. Also, the NSX's elongated body and other styling differences.

    1987 Nissan Mid 4 II concept:

    1995 NSX:

    I think carmakers often feed off the other guy's designs.
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    Too bad it was never built for public sale :(
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    Yeah... the front end is almost identical... but from there on back they took different directions.
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    I think carmakers often feed off the other guy's designs.
    Always been that way - hard to lead & be on the 'bleeding edge' where you can possibly fail spectacularly - easy to play the 'me too' game !
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    Tad off the pace. That darn new Lexus LC is one hell of a nice looking vehicle. I'll bet they will sell a few of those. I'm going to guess a bargain for the first few shoppers before the prices rise dramatically.

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    I CANNOT get with the Lexus LC... maybe I need to see it in person, but in pics it already looks dated. Just think there's way too much going on.
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