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Thread: Infiniti: Outselling Acura & Cadillac in 2017

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    Infiniti: Outselling Acura & Cadillac in 2017

    For the first time ever Infiniti has passed Acura and Cadillac in YTD sales in the first 6 months of 2017. Infiniti has sold 79,143 vehicles compared to Acura's 73,781 units and Caddy at 72,073 units. There are still 6 months left to go in the year, but both Acura and Cadillac sales are trending downward while Infiniti is trending significantly upward. Infiniti is on pace to sell at least 160k, up from 138k last year.

    At the same time, I think sales of the QX30 are not meeting set expectations. For a couple months it was outselling everything it its class, but sales have tapered off significantly the last few months. I wonder what's up with that. I think it may be marketing related as I have not seen any ads for it outside of the first few months... or maybe its a lack of inventory because they did move almost 3k in March, which is WAY above what they were expecting to sell. Hopefully they can turn that around and get it back up to at least 1500 units a month, versus the 700-800 its dropped to.

    Next year the gap is going to be even wider with the new QX50 and QX80. Infiniti could be pushing the 200k mark by the end of 2018.

    Here's an article from predicting that Infiniti WILL outsell Acura his year...

    Infiniti Set To Overtake Acura In End-Of-Year U.S. Sales

    Infiniti looks set to overtake Acura in U.S. sales for the first time in 28 years on the back of burgeoning demand for the brand’s vehicles.

    So far this year, Infiniti sales are up 22 per cent over 2016 and are accelerating faster than any of its immediate rivals. According to The Truth About Cars, the key driver behind these heightened sales is the availability of the Infiniti QX30. In the first six months of the year, Infiniti has shifted 9,393 units of the compact crossover.

    Additionally, demand for the Infiniti Q60 is higher than ever, up 5,253 units over the same time period last year. When combined with small bumps in sales of the QX70, QX80 and Q70, a total of 79,143 new Infiniti models have found U.S. homes this year.

    By comparison, sales of Acura models are down 7 per cent in 2017 to 73,781 units, largely because the RDX and MDX are the only crossovers Acura has on the market, despite the ever-increasing demand for such vehicles.

    At current estimates, Acura may sell approximately 151,000 vehicles in the U.S. this year. By comparison, Infiniti could hit 168,000 vehicles.
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    Another article from TTAC...

    Infiniti Is Poised to Overtake Acura in America’s Auto Sales Race for the First Time Ever

    They’re always bridesmaids, never the bride.

    But after holding down the fort as America’s second-best-selling Japanese premium brand since surrendering to Lexus some two decades ago, Acura is now about to be bumped from its maid of honor position.

    Scottie Pippen? Acura is quickly becoming Toni Kukoc.

    After a record U.S. sales performance in 2016, Infiniti sales are rising faster than any other auto brand in America save for four niche-market luxury contenders. After trailing its Acura compatriot for 28 years, it’s past time for Infiniti to catch the bouquet.

    If at first Infiniti’s impressive 22-percent year-over-year sales increase seems difficult to comprehend, remember the addition of a key model in a key segment.

    The Infiniti QX30, the entry-level Infiniti that uses as its foundation Mercedes-Benz’s GLA, has proven vital, though not essential, to Infiniti’s U.S. sales expansion in 2017’s first six months. Infiniti reported 9,393 QX30 sales in the first-half of 2017; it even outsold its three key German competitors in February and March.

    But even without the QX30, Infiniti sales would be up 7 percent this year — fairly healthy growth in an industry that’s declined in six consecutive months.

    Granted, Infiniti has also been bolstered by the launch of a new Q60 coupe. Q60 sales are 5,253 units higher in 2017 than at this point one year ago. These gains, together with modest improvements from lower-volume models such as the QX70, QX80, and Q70, have helped Infiniti find its way to 79,143 first-half sales in 2017.

    Acura, which outsold Infiniti in every year of their joint existence and by more than 14,000 sales in the first-half of 2016, posted a first-half 7-percent drop to 73,871 sales in 2017.

    The ensuing 5,272-unit gap between the two lower-volume Japanese premium brands is not difficult to explain. While Acura sells two very popular premium crossovers, the RDX and MDX are the only crossovers in Acura’s lineup. Infiniti, on the other hand, has already sold 24,085 utility vehicles in segments in which Acura does not compete, with its QX30, QX70, and QX80.

    Moreover, while Infiniti’s car sales are up 19 percent this year because of relatively steady Q50 and Q70 sedan sales and the insertion of a new coupe into the lineup, Acura’s car volume is down 11 percent. Acura has high hopes for the revamped 2018 TLX, but the brand’s other cars — an ILX based on the departed ninth-gen Civic, the forgotten RLX, the high-dollar NSX supercar — are hardly volume drivers.

    If there’s hope for Acura to narrow the sales gap with Infiniti in the second-half of 2017, it will still mostly be down to the RDX and MDX. In June, for example, Acura sales jumped 24 percent to 14,038 units — 1,767 more than Infiniti — as the RDX jumped 48 percent and MDX sales increased 14 percent. Acura has moved to increase supply of the company’s crossovers by switching some MDX production out of an Alabama plant (where the Honda Odyssey, Pilot, and Ridgeline are also built) to Ohio.

    As for the June performance, “In a challenging luxury automotive marketplace, reshaping our products around the performance direction of the Acura brand is clearly resonating with luxury car and truck buyers,” Acura claimed in the company’s sales release earlier this month, an apparently sudden resonance after Acura sales declined in ten of the previous twelve months.

    Acura is on track for roughly 151,000 U.S. sales in calendar year 2017, well off its 2005 peak of nearly 210,000 sales. Infiniti, which averaged 115,000 annual U.S. sales over the last decade, is on track to sell more than 168,000 new vehicles in 2017.

    Lexus, despite a sharp downturn in the early part of 2017, will likely sell more than 300,000 new vehicles in 2017, its fourth consecutive year above the 300,000-unit mark.
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    I could have sworn this happened already, perhaps it was just on a monthly basis.... Anyways, I never understood how a company can push front wheel drive, rebadged civics, accords and odyssey minivans and be taken seriously as a luxury brand. I have a hard time seeing acura as a competitor to Infinfii I think we have to take into account the price point for models too. Even with the QX30, Infiniti doesnt have as low an entry level starting price as Acura, also Infiniti has shown it's capable of selling a $60K+ vehicle consistently with relatively high volume, accura has not accomplished that passed even the $50k mark. Also I think Infiniti models starts off pretty "barebones" compared to acura models which start off with significant features from the start. Acura is being propped by rdx and mdx, same with lexus and Rx and NX hopefully, the new QX50 will do wonders, wish is was here already. QX60 is slipping in sales quicker than I though it would but it's at the end of it's cycle, hopefully the next one wont look so bulbous, I think it's the worst looking vehicle in the line-up. The updated QX80 is supposed to debut this fall, hopefully with a new interior too to separate it from Armada.

    Overall this is good news and shows infiniti is not in such dire straits as a lot of people thought and people are actually aware of the brand and like their vehicles.

    I think it's safe to say as well that Infiniti has higher transaction prices than Acura, which is what's important
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    Well, technically, they started outselling both a couple months ago, but no one wants to call it that early. I think March sales of 18k units really sealed the deal. I think with the amount of units they're ahead at the 6 month mark, its safe to say Infiniti has passed them both. So its now MB, BMW, Lexus, Audi and now Infiniti. So in 1 year Infiniti leap-frogged two of its competitors to go from 7th to 5th in luxury brand sales, and its new bread-n-butter model (QX50) has yet to debut.

    Also, the fact that the Q50 is remaining steady in this market is pretty amazing. It seems to be making up the ground it lost at the beginning of the year these last couple of months. Acura is banking on the TLX, but I don't think the refresh is that big a deal. I don't feel its that much of an upgrade... just different. Its sales so far are just behind the Q50... but the refreshed Q50 should be hitting lots soon so that may not last too long. I feel that Acura made a booboo with transitioning from the TSX/TL to the current ILX/TLX. Their car sales tanked before the market shifted to SUVs.

    And I agree, I've never really understood why Acura outperformed Infiniti, in the last decade at least. Since the debut of the original G35, Infiniti has been more of a legit luxury brand.

    Lexus without their FWD models is really not that stellar. Infiniti has always outperformed Lexus when it came to RWD models. But a sale is a sale.

    I personally am confused about the recent performance of the QX60. I thought the refresh and 30 extra hp really breathed some life into it and the reviews still rank it near the top of its class. However, after having one for a loaner for a couple days, they definitely need to take it upmarket and make it less minivan like. I think they should definitely benchmark the Q7 while still keeping it somewhat of a bargain in the class. I don't know how they'll do that being that its based on the Pathfinder... but we shall see.

    And I hope you're right about the interior of the new QX80. I'm hoping the fact that they didn't mention the interior of the concept was a sign that it's all new and where the big surprise is. They REALLY have a great opportunity to push the brands perception more upmarket in this SUV market. It's already a good seller. I think they could even push it to where the Limited model reaches the $100k mark, but they need the feature content to justify it. I see a decent amount of the current Limited models running around Houston and its already $90k.

    But I've been saying it, Infiniti def made some bad decisions in the past but a lot of what people thought were dumb moves were def things that are working out for them in the long term and they are starting to reap what they've sown. They STILL have over 50% of their lineup to redesign and they're still experiencing record sales. The QX50 is going to be a huge boost. The QX80 is still performing solidly and its about to be majorly refreshed. The QX70 and Q70 are still a little iffy on when we'll see those updated but rumor is the QX70 will be discontinued for a short period until a new one debuts and the Q70 is supposed to get a major refresh (hopefully as a stop-gap for an all new one in 2020). I'm still holding out that the QX70 will become a true X5/GLE competitor with a "coupe" variant to take on the role of the traditional FX/QX70.

    I also thought I remember hearing about a 4-door Q60 being a possibility. Also, lets not forget the possibility if the Q60 Black S and the Q80.

    Audi should definitely be watching their back. Infiniti is not to be taken lightly anymore.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NissLover View Post

    I also thought I remember hearing about a 4-door Q60 being a possibility.
    Isn't that a Q50?

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    Well, you know the whole 4-door coupe thing is in. Think along the lines of a 3-Series versus a 4-Series Gran Coupe. I had heard someone from Infiniti mention the possibility of a 4-door Q60, which would be a stretched Q60 with 2 doors added and a fast back roof-line. I think they would get more ROI on that than the as we know to be dead convertible. Thats if they feel there needs to be some other variant of the Q60. 4-Series sales have sky rocketed because of it, but it has affected 3-Series sales, but the combined 3/4 Series sales are strong.
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