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Thread: Brutal workout today.

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    Brutal workout today.

    Just had my 4th exercise event for the week.

    It was just brutal.
    I paired up with a dude who was in surprisingly rock hard shape who wanted to try my program.
    So it got real competitive between us.

    So we did these exercises mostly in quick succession with minimal recovery breaks.
    You will find its broadly similar to the one OPed in this thread but with a little extra "kick" here and there:

    2 sets of tight arm pull ups
    2 sets of wide arm pulls ups (assisted)
    3 sets of squats
    3 sets of clean and jerks.
    3 sets of bent over rows (heavy)
    2 sets of legpress (with 450 lbs of weight...except the machine malfunctioned on me after a full set... the "lock" wouldnt engage and I couldnt leave the machine. We tried and tried to engage the lock for several minutes all the while I had to hold all that weight up w/ my legs after my near-failure set. It was a dangerous situation... in the end all the weigths were taken off so I could crawl out from under it) legs shaking with exhaustion.
    1 set of sit-ups
    2 sets of hip adductions
    2 sets of hip abductions
    2 sets of seated military dumdbell press
    2 sets of angled dumbbell press
    2 sets of flat dumbbell bench press
    3 sets of lateral raises
    3 sets of frontal raises
    2 sets of weapons handling raises ... an exercise developed by myself.. Hard to describe but its basically a variation of frontal raises were u handle weightslike you are bring up a weapon from the patrol ready with both hands holding weights. Buddy yells "Threat" then you execute with a 10lbs weight in each hand turn head-turn body-raise the 2 ten lbers like a Carbine.
    2 sets of weighted calf raises (100 lbs held in hand during the raises so bodyweight plus 100lbs) - Feel the burn!!

    I was gonna go slow since i just did a broadly similar workout on Thursday and i like to keep these heavy days 3 days apart.... but the Gym isnt open on Sunday so it had to be today and actually we went thru very quickly.
    Maybe 80 minutes.

    I spent all afternoon lying on the couch watching TV recovering.
    "In the end we all just play the roles given us... Sometimes they dont fit so well,... but I guess we make do."

    Dont forget MultiMedia forums!!

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    I'll let I'll let you know when I do my sets( don't worry you don't have to check back here LOL?l)

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