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Thread: So I hear GP-100 ans Super redhawk grips interchange?

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    So I hear GP-100 ans Super redhawk grips interchange?

    Is it so? I just got my hands on a cherry 1st-year production super but I hate the factory grips. Ruger can put some of the most crappy feeling grips on a weapon, BUT they can put some of the best too,
    this is NOT the case with the GP or super sadly. if it's true, gimmie some ideas or I'm slapping Hogues on it.
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    Yes they do.

    I just ordered some GP100 grips and when I got it the box said "GP100&Super Redhawk grips" on it.

    I would give you my spare grips but they are the compact version.. which you will not like on a full size.. some folks have them for the 3 complement the shorter barrel for conceal carry.

    When you order the Hogues be aware there are two versions that look alike in the pics.
    Both look like the Ruger OEM Hogues ( which I like)

    But one version of them is called the "Tamer".

    This actually signifies a different version of the original Hogue (both of which fit Super Redhawk)
    Its thicker throughout and more rubbery on top near were u would feel the recoil most.

    I dont like it as much as the original as I feel less control with the extra padding.. . but that's what I got in the mail.
    Am running it on my 4 inch now and the OEM on my 3 inch.
    So I decided the 3 inch will do 38 SPC and 357 loads to medium Hotness.. the 4 inch will get all the hot loads based on the more front end weight and the "tamer" grip.

    So I recommend you get the one Hogue that does not say "tamer" on it
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    SWEET! thanks, Fred! I'm headed to the range with some "elephant loads" this weekend.
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