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Cars.com dealer review of 03 cars the court came in first the Camry came in third the Altima and 2nd. They actually liked the engine and transmission better than the court the combination of the two together they said was more responsive. They liked in cord interior a little better and felt like the Altima had a little bit cheap interior though they did say that the Altamont gets better when you get in the Hyatt rims which it does the SV trim has plastic by your knees but the SR has leather as well as the SL and platinum editions I believe and lower on the dash it's hard in the SV but soft in the other models. They tested a Camry XLE in this one LOL.

Yeah, from the looks of it, the SV gets hard plastic on the lower dash and there's no leather wrapped knee padding. I wonder if the SR has a hard lower dash too, despite having the leather knee pads.