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Thread: 2019 altima

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    It looks like they took it down. I cant find it now.

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    I think the guy who posted the video of the Altima at Sheridan Nissan got in trouble because I see everything is removed now. He said it was an Sr and he got to spend a week with it the color of it was blue and it looked great. I don't know if it was from the angle but the interior Dash look Brown. The outside had the same Wheels as the Platinum the 19-inch wheel design. I'm not sure what the base model Wheels look like or the SV and SL trims. I'm also trying to figure out what does the Platinum have that the SL does not have?

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    Check this image of what appears to be a base-model S with hubcaps (albeit modern-looking and angular) and no LEDs or foglights. It appears this site slipped a base model image in with images of loaded Platinum models for the other colors.

    For contrast, here's the Platinum in red like at the NYIAS:

    And here's a semi-loaded (Platinum without foglights?) depiction of my favorite color, the color of both 3rd gens I've owned <3

    Website here (I hope it stays up)
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    Nice find!
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    Yeah, I noticed that a few weeks ago. I think the flat white may be limited to the base model, which it why they show it. The blue is probably limited to the SR model, hence the missing fog-lights and 19" wheels (also note it's grille is dark chrome, vs bright chrome like the rest of the lineup which may prove to be nice in person). But they also have a picture of the SR in orange, but it's not an option in the color picker below it...

    I hope that the base model is non-existent on actual lots. That's always been the case. And I hope the S comes with alloys now.

    But I am still upset with Nissan for not giving this thing LED taillights. SMH. An oversight on a good looking car. I also wish the SR had it's own unique, sportier wheels. The picture of the orange one I mentioned seems to be a VC-turbo, so hopefully it won't be limited to a mid-range model.

    EDIT: I may be the odd man out on this one... but honestly that base model has a weird charm to it. Lol. I guess it shows that even in its purest, most stripped down state, the design is still solid.
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    First rolling B-roll footage of the new Altima.

    Though this is mostly the same front 3/4 shot over and over and barely shows the rear-end... This car looks GOOD on the road! Honestly when it debuted I felt it was too evolutionary compared to the refreshed current gen. Looking at this footage though completely changes my mind about it. That front end is pretty mean looking and overall the car seems VERY lean, sharp and taught! I also feel that the true test of a cars presence is how the styling stands up to being washed out in bright sunlight like in the video... Its' passes the test for me. I can't wait to see it in person.
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