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Thread: 2019 altima

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    We should be seeing some first drive reviews starting this Friday. Seeing some automotive Instagram accounts posting pictures from the media drive event Nissan kicked off this week.

    Just read an article that pointed out that the Altima, Accord and Camry all have their own unique proposition... Altima offers AWD, Accord offers a manual, and the Camry is the lone V6... Just imagine if someone came along and offered all 3! But it seems there will be greater take rate of Nissan's pony trick with AWD.
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    As NissLover predicted, the first drive review video has been posted to Youtube by TFLcar. It's not a full review, but more of a preview with some driving footage and specs. Full reviews are coming soon though, so I'll take it for now.

    I just love this thing in real 3D. From all angles I get a sharpened third-gen vibe. They just need to put a real transmission in it and we're good.

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    Just found this short video that shows some different angles and close-ups than others. The interior materials look real good. What a shame if they are a let down in real life, because it reminds me of the Q50 before its facelift inside. I'll be able to sit in one within the next few weeks. There are Nissan dealers every 100 feet here.

    First time memory seats! Woo!

    No more CD player! Boo!

    At least I learned how to pair my phone with bluetooth and stream Pandora in my rental cars this summer.

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    Autoweek let a few pricing details slip before everything is released come morning... Base S models starts at $24,645 and the top trim Platinum VC-Turbo starts at $35,657. I'm guessing those include D&H, otherwise Nissan is feeling pretty confident.
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    Alex on Autos review. Pretty good! Not as sporty as the Camry and Accord, but better than the last gen Altima. But he also didn't get to drive the SR, so the handling may be able to hang in that trim. Also glad to see the VC-Turbo maintains the Altimas signature 5.9 sec to 60 stat.

    Was happy to hear that the lower part of the dash is also soft touch. Also was sure if he was saying that the brake lights are actually LED, and only the turn signal and reverse lights weren't.
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    I’m very pleased to see that the dash is mostly soft-touch. It hasn’t been since the 4th gen and they really needed that to complete now that Honda and Toyota are actually trying again.

    I must curb our enthusiasm a bit. Near the beginning of this video linked below, some atrocious build quality issues are shown. Nothing worse than the past two generations’ rattles and wobbly center consoles, but the kind of inattention to detail that will ultimately let down the impeccable style and materials. I only hope that these are the only two poor spots they could find.

    The host did have mostly positive things to say about the interior quality and the car. So it’s not the end of the world.

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    Yea, I saw that video after posting AoA's video. Honestly I would never think to pull on the headliner around the sunroof and can't think of any reason anyone would. The dash being so easy to move was kind of a cringe moment... but at least it's soft touch. I was honestly holding my breath on the very detail. Lol, but that's no excuse and hopefully it is a pre-production issue.

    But I am really starting to take these reviews with a grain of salt. One review says the materials can rival the Mazda6 and the other says the materials don't quite match it, one says its high-quality the next says it has a lot of hard plastics. One says the VC-Turbo sounds great, is refined and quick, the other says it's sounds bad and is sluggish. So yeah. Grain of salt.
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    There are already acceleration videos of the turbo for not with a launch but with an aggressive take off kind of. You would know if they launched it because it seems he won't shift from a stop if you did it the correct way. There is also another video that I've seen and the CVT did not shift from a stop when you floor it but in any other circumstance it will

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    Yea, I think that's the way it's programmed.
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    I've seen a good number of these dealer videos as the production models start rolling in. I can't see any obvious build quality flaws. Stuff that was wonky on the initial batch of 5th gens, like hood/trunk alignments and side sills that weren't properly fastened/aligned are nonexistant. Hope they are all like this, and that this is an indication that maybe the CVTs are finally properly attached and cooled from day one.

    Here's a nice orange SR 2.5. I think that they handily beat Toyota and Honda with interior materials as they did in the 3.5 and 4th-gens. There's a lot of soft, nicely padded stuff in that environment. It looks and sounds pretty solid too as these guys prod the interior.

    I'm editing this post to add the 2theredline review that just came out today.

    Hard plastic rear door upper panels. KNEW they would start doing that since Honda and Toyota get away with it... but Camry XSE and XLE give you soft touch there. Overall I'm going to knock the interior ranking down a half step. On-par with Camry and Accord, not as good as Mazda6.

    The VC turbo sounds excellent, very smooth. Probably smoother than the VQ but I'll have to let my butt and feet do a real-world comparison first. It just lacks the more sophisticated 6-cylinder sound, but whatever.
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    Anyone know anything about the size of the fuel tank?
    Unrefuelled range much greater than its competitors has always been a strong selling point of the Altima for me.
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