The proper battery is supposed to be a Group 35.

I experimented with running a Group 24F , which is one step bigger.
I also made this 24F an AGM cell battery , which due to their greater capacity are sometimes not fully charged by some OEM alternators for some vehicles.

Just wanted to let folks know not to worry with the 24F AGM, for our Trucks.. even though its a size bigger and an AGM Cell battery the stock alternator has no issues keeping it charged.

Had it in my 05 Xterra Off-Road for 2 years now. No charging issues and I have super confidence that even in the most arctic cold I will enough enough power to start the truck!

Pep boys has an unbelievable sale sale on them for less than 150 bucks for Bosch Platinum AGM group 24F (group 35 is a couple bucks less yet):