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Thread: I'm a bit of a 9mm fanboy these days but I also appreciate Revolvers so..

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    I'm a bit of a 9mm fanboy these days but I also appreciate Revolvers so..

    So this is a real fun vid:

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    Dont forget MultiMedia forums!!

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    Hmmm ... who is saying a 9mm is "as powerful" or "as effective" as a .357 magnum?

    The closest thing I've seen is that 9mm fired from a 16" carbine is roughly equivalent to .357 magnum fired from a 4" barreled revolver. According to Ballistics By the Inch (.com), plain old Federal 115gr 9mm from a 16" barrel generates 1295 fps, while Federal 158gr .357 manages 1293 fps. Both are the most common loads and barrel lengths for the caliber. In both cases, different loads will produce higher or lower velocities.

    Given that the bullet diameters are essentially the same, velocity and bullet weight determine the terminal energy, and once again the .357 wins.

    But anyone saying the 9 is as powerful as the .357 is just wrong. The 9's advantage is that most pistols carry more rounds than a revolver and can be more quickly reloaded.
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