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Thread: It's Time for Infiniti to Put Up or Shut Up

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    It's Time for Infiniti to Put Up or Shut Up

    Great article by jalopnik. Infiniti has to act quick or call quits. They spent tons of money developing an engine (variable compression) no body asked for, 98% of average buyers of the QX50 or any other car using the engine wont even know what it is. You either give the buyer some power or extremely good fuel economy with reliability. A great point the article makes is that Infiniti has stated that they are going all electric with their cars within a few years. Then why the heck build that engine in the first place. The Koreans are going to walk all over Infiniti if they don't act soon.

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    Haven't read the article, but in regards to the VC-Turbo, they plan utilize it in the electrified powertrains. And I think we should remember that this is the first iteration of the tech. Imagine as they continue to refine it and get more economy and power out of it. And remember Nissan will utilize it as well. I doubt the Altima will be the only Nissan with the engine.

    As far as Infiniti's future, I am on pins and needles and don't know what to expect. I am finding myself intrigued by electric cars. Can't say I want a fully electric car, but if there is something that can reduce fuel consumption and give me gobs of power too, I'm all for it.

    I am just hoping they at least pull something like the Juke R and offer a super limited hand built production car for a few people willing to pay the price. I just think all these people crying "Build it. Put up or shut up" aren't going to actually buy the car... And Infiniti knows that. But at the very minimum, I do believe SOMETHING will come of this project. They have invested a lot of time and money and this seems a little more advanced and in-depth than the Eau Rouge. If this car isn't built it does seem something will be heavily influenced by this project.
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    "Black S"? Seriously? Who names these things?
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    Technically its the name of the project... But I imagine if it goes into production it would be the Q60 Black Sport, keeping in line with the Red Sport. I kinda like the idea of the whole "colored" sport thing. Right now the regular sport models get a silver S on the badge so in my head it would be a 3 tier thing... Silver Sport, Red Sport and Black Sport. I do think they need to get rid of the 400 aspect of the current Red Sport 400 name.
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    BMW just debuted a show-stopping new 3-series at the Paris Motor Show the same week as Infiniti's showing of a second Black-S concept. Nissan is so dysfunctional and apathetic toward the Infiniti brand that BMW will have cycled through two entire generations of 3- and 5- series before the Q50 and Q70 get their first redesigns under the new names and finally move on from the 20-year old FM platform. Just find the posts of Carmaker1 on various large auto forums; he's been in the industry his whole life. He says Nissan corporate is a mess and there is NOTHING new coming from Infiniti until 2021. The new 3 will be getting its midlife LCI by then and we'll already have a redesigned C-class, A4, and Lexus IS! So stupid....

    Infiniti had better put up real soon or shut the heck up and become the FWD, CVT crossover CUV brand that we all know Ghosn wants them to be. Stop tormenting we enthusiasts!

    The Black S concept looks great but at the same time will it ever actually go on sale? Meanwhile I find it very difficult to criticize the new G20 3-series. The damn thing looks like a modernized E39 and now with growth creep is the same size as that old 5-series. If they just fix the stupid electric steering we could possibly have a future classic here, and one that could actually be reliable looking at BM-Vee's recent record.

    Soon there will be M3 and M4 versions of this. Anyone want to bet there won't be a production Black S anywhere in sight to compete with them?

    This whole car is pretty much what I had hoped the next Q50 would look like, so Infiniti is going to get left behind AGAIN.
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    I'm not really feeling the new 3-Series...
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    Quote Originally Posted by NissLover View Post
    I'm not really feeling the new 3-Series...
    I am. It looks like a German redesign of the Q50 using the E39's proportions as a base.

    You wouldn't catch BMW dead using a 20-year-old chassis and a 10-year-old transmission in a new model either.

    Nissan is so mismanaged, especially financially, that they have to re-skin the same car over and over for decades. And despite this, the quality and reilaibility still drop (last couple years of redesigns notwithstanding). This is exactly like 70s-00s GM.

    They can keep this up and go bankrupt, or learn from companies like BMW and Toyota.

    Speaking of which, it's retarded that we are going to see a new Supra after a 20 year hiatus before the Z is redesigned.

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