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Thread: Infiniti rumored to be exiting the European market

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    Infiniti rumored to be exiting the European market

    Can't say this is too surprising. The brand is as big a mess as it's ever been.

    [COLOR=var(--black-color)]BY: ANTHONY KARR, [COLOR=var(--post-author-info-color)]Editor[/COLOR]

    Nothing is confirmed yet.

    Nissan launched its Infiniti luxury division in Europe nearly a decade ago with the optimism that local customers might find the Japanese brand a worthy alternative to the established German premium marques. Ten years later, Infiniti is not even close to its annual sales targets and that could force Nissan to pull the plug on the brandís European affair.

    According to a new report from, Infiniti could leave the Old Continent fairly soon if sales donít go up significantly. Expectations are that this wonít happen and the top management in the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance will have to rethink Infinitiís presence in Europe. Of course, nothing is official yet and weíve contacted the companyís European PR department to get more details. We will update this article once we hear back.
    Infiniti not particularly happy with some of its products:

    Infiniti Admits GLA-Based QX30 Is Not A Successful Product

    Data from CarSalesBase shows the brand is not even close to achieving its sales goals in the region. For example, when the Q30 hatchback was launched some three years ago, it was announced it is aiming at roughly 30,000 to 40,000 sales per year in Europe alone. Just 8,453 were shifted in 2016, dropping to 7,617 in 2017 and even less than 3,000 during the first 11 months of last year. Just think about that for a second Ė only 95 Q30s were delivered on the entire continent in October 2018.

    After peaking at 13,775 cars from all models in 2016, Infiniti is constantly declining in sales with 12,571 in total in 2017 and less than 6,000 units through the first 11 months of 2018. The tightening European emissions regulations, the new WLTP standards, and the predicted unfriendly business climate after Brexit only add weight to Infinitiís sinking ship on the continent.
    North America is currently Infinitiís largest market with a share of approximately 70 percent from its global sales.

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    "Unfriendly business climate after Brexit ..." What would that be? There shouldn't be an unfriendly business climate created just because England might be pulling out of the EU.
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    How much dollars can possibly be saved by this move?
    The cars are already being made for US market with minor changes providing economy osf scale.
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    I would think it's all but a done deal if they are making public statements like that.
    Sales were falling fast as it was, how many will take the risk of buying a car from a corp. that is considering leaving the market !
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    Do they make a right hand drive model for England? That would certainly be a money-loser for them, given low sales numbers, unless they can utilize Japanese-market, Australian-market or African-market cars already set up that way without spending huge amounts to transport them.
    If someone blows up a school with a bomb they go after the bomber ... if someone shoots up a school they go after the gun.

    A privilege is just a right that has been taken away by government.

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    Right hand drive? They make a nice Nissan with a couple of exceptions. I feel they just don't want to put the money and effort to compete with anything in Europe. If they did, would people even buy them. This is their current quandry.

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    Not sure where the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance is going, and what that means for Infiniti globally. I didn't see many Infinitis in China the past two years, and China buys at least a little bit of everything.
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    There is now talk of Renault-Nissan wanting to merge with FCA. Talks have resurfaced after several cool years. Ghosn is removed and in jail, so he's no longer the prime negotiator. Nissan seems pretty doomed if this nonsense is going to continue even in Carlos's absence...

    The best thing that could happen is Nissan leaves the Renault alliance completely, and becomes a lean, enthusiast-oriented botique brand like Mazda. Mazda was making mediocre trash across the board under Ford's influence. The same damn thing has happened to Nissan/Infiniti under the Renault alliance, though they rode some brilliant products in the 00s that were already green-lit before Ghosn got his paws on the company. Under such circumstances, it's doubtful that Infiniti would survive and be properly funded, but what difference does that really make? Infiniti already is collapsing, and they make absolutely zero exciting products outside of an extremely crude, dated V8 Q70 and the Red Sport Q50/60 that are fast and have brilliant engines, but are dynamic messes with questionable reliability.

    I'd cut ties with Renault, get on with it and euthanize Infiniti rather than watch it starve to death, and refocus Nissan as a brand with several trucks and SUVs, the Z and GT-R for sports car buyers, a RWD Maxima for the first time in decades, and an Altima with no stupid CVTs that actually give the Accord, Camry and Mazda6 a run in fun-to-drive as well as reliability. This will never happen though, because it would be far too smart for Nissan's current hot mess of corporate politics.

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    I think it was car and driver just did a test of the ultimate with all wheel drive platinum and a got a 0.93 G. If next altima does not have I CVT I will not be getting it I actually like the cvt enough that I don't actually want a stepped automatic transmission. I drive a lot and I try to save gas a lot. There's nothing like going down the road at 1000 rpm not going up and down when just trying to save gas or having to push thru deadlines before you get a downshift Many reviews have the Altima cvt as better responding than some its comparible automatic trans. I think the reliability will be good and most kinks from a few years ago with the trans are gone mostly. Murano maxima and pathfinder has no trans issues in the last few years. Altima with awd also pulled 41mpg on the highway test and that's with the big wheels and awd. It braked better and almost has the highest trap speed out of the competition and that's the awd model which is heavier. I don't think they're doing half bad. Could b better of course but it's good enough right now.

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