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Thread: Nissan Sales PLUMMET 11.4% In February - Infiniti Sales Vaporize, Down 17.3% For Mont

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    Nissan Sales PLUMMET 11.4% In February - Infiniti Sales Vaporize, Down 17.3% For Mont

    Infiniti is having yet another bad month. Sales of the QX50 are really surprising, they have only moved 1,122 units which is really low for the segment. The QX30 is just a flop at 574 units. I see trouble for Infiniti, I don't think they can linger on any longer with their current line up. If they don't revamp their lineup or go electric soon, ill be the first one to say that they are going to go bankrupt. I don't see them surviving much longer if they don't change things up real soon.

    Any new models coming out that we know of? Which models are going to be replaced soon? It seems like their is no news on replacements for any of their cars.
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    On the Nissan side if they just make the SUV version of the still well selling Frontier again they would have an extra 15000 units per year since that segment is so hot.
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    I honestly think that while the QX50 is a very nice product for its intended purpose, the upper trims/highly optioned models are priced kind of high and it seems people may just be going for the QX60 instead. Ever since the QX50 was redesigned QX60 sales have increased, it seems, and Infiniti even noted that traffic from the QX50 was driving QX60 sales. Also Infiniti said they were not going to be "playing ball" with the QX50 when it comes to incentives, which also may be why people are driving off with QX60s instead.
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