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    Here is the speech:

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    "Mark McNabb
    Vice President and General Manager, Infiniti

    Thank you. The Triant concept shows that great design and great thinking comes in all sizes. Triant is an exploration of expanding the Infiniti base to reach out to a variety of customer needs. We're looking forward to hearing your reaction to Triant – and those of consumers here at the show.

    In just a moment we'll bring out the all-new production 2003 FX45 premium crossover SUV.

    First, I’d like to give you just a brief snapshot of the Infiniti Division. Infiniti is coming off the best year in our history, fueled by a remarkable program of new model introductions and a reinvigorated spirit within our entire organization.

    We started with the introduction of the all-new third generation 2002 Q45. The new Q was followed shortly after with our award-winning G35 – first with the stunning sport sedan and then in November with the sensuous sport coupe.

    In between the G35 sedan and coupe came the brawny M45 performance sedan.

    Our calendar year sales of 87,911 represent a 23 percent increase over 2001 and we achieved these numbers with incentive levels below our major competitors.

    Infiniti is doing its part to contribute to the NISSAN 180 plan and there's much more to come, including the all-new Infiniti full-size SUV, which will be assembled at the new plant in Canton, Mississippi. We'll give you more details about the full-size SUV later in the year.

    But I'm getting ahead of myself. There's another exciting new Infiniti SUV waiting here in the wings.

    Two years ago we came to the Detroit show with an idea our designers called a "Bionic Cheetah." The FX45 Concept, as it was called, posed one simple question: What if an SUV also performed like a sports car?

    Ladies and gentlemen, please take a look at the all-new 2003 Infiniti FX45…

    The FX45 continues to broaden Infiniti's expanding presence and appeal across an ever-widening product range. It boldly defies convention and delivers performance and style that makes it unique in the luxury crossover SUV segment.

    The FX45 was developed, designed and engineered for the U.S., its primary market. It has an imposing presence that it backs up with equally imposing performance.

    We expect the FX45 to join the Q45 as a "halo" vehicle for the Infiniti brand. It should appeal to a very broad audience of car and truck buyers seeking a bolder approach to driving.

    The FX45 will be available in a choice of three engine-driveline configurations – the all-wheel drive 315-horsepower V8-equipped FX45 and the V6-powered FX35 with all-wheel drive or optional rear-wheel drive.

    Pricing starts at $34,200 for the rear-wheel drive V6 FX35 and goes up to a starting price of $44,225 for the V8 all-wheel drive FX45.

    Complete FX45 pricing will be available following this news conference. The FX45 goes on sale January 24th and I can tell you this right now:
    – We expect FX45 to quickly become one of our best-selling Infiniti models
    – And we expect it to provide fresh excitement and fresh appeal in the highly competitive luxury crossover SUV segment

    Now, to give you more details about the dramatic new FX45, please welcome Chief Product Specialist Ejiro Fukai.

    Ejiro Fukai,
    Chief Product Specialist, FX45

    Thank you, Mark, and good morning. The new FX45 is the fusion of a sports car into an SUV. Nothing about its performance will remind you of driving a typical SUV.

    The FX45 is built on an SUV-enhanced version of our sports car/sports sedan platform – the front engine/rear-wheel drive front mid-ship platform found under the G35 sedan and coupe.

    Platform rigidity has been strengthened for AWD use, without compromising the platform’s long wheelbase, wide track and low center of gravity. Like the G35, the FX45 features a 4-wheel independent suspension, quick steering and state-of-the-art braking system – including Preview Braking.

    Class-leading power is provided by a choice of 315-horsepower 4.5-liter V8 or 280-horsepower 3.5-liter V6. Both engines have been tuned with an emphasis on off-the-line acceleration, "out of the corner" power, passing power and excellent everyday drivability.

    Every FX45 comes standard with a 5-speed automatic with manual shift mode and all-wheel drive models feature Infiniti's advanced ATTESA ET-S all-wheel drive system.

    The bottom line is that this is one SUV that is a thrill to drive.

    Of course, the FX45 also looks fast, even when it is standing still.

    The standard 20-inch wheels and tires for the V8 and 18-inch wheels and tires for the V6 are the largest in the segment.

    The FX45's performance orientation also can be seen on the inside. The interior is a fusion of warm and cool surfaces with cockpit-like styling and a sports car-like seat positioning.

    The FX45 seats five adults comfortably with superior ingress and egress and the cargo area is designed to fit four sets of golf clubs.

    A "play zone" for rear seat occupants is available with DVD Infiniti Mobile Entertainment System with wireless headphones, personal reading lamps, center armrest with tray and storage, rear A/C vents and reclining rear seats with "auto-down" rear seat controls conveniently located in the cargo area.

    Key optional features include an available DVD-based Navigation System, Intelligent Key System, Rearview Monitor and 300-watt 11-speaker Bose audio system that sounds as dynamic as the FX45 looks.

    Safety features include active head restraints, tire pressure monitor system and curtain side-impact supplemental air bags.

    What if a SUV performs like a sports car? In the new FX45, "what if" has clearly become… "what is."


    One question though: What are auto-down rear seats? Is this like what is on the EXPEDITION? .....other than that, pretty cool I N F I N I T I rocks!

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    "reclining rear seats with "auto-down" rear seat controls conveniently located in the cargo area. "

    Actually, the rear seatbacks have remote releases in the cargo area that flips them down for a flat load floor. Cool feature, as you dont need to do this from inside the vehicle.

    One note: Because "FX" as standalone letters are already trademarked, Infiniti can't officially call the twins the "FX Series." All communications from Infiniti must reference the cars by their entire name.

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    thanks for the lesson but i had alreay known that. I call the twins the FX series for my own convience....AND&lt; u didnt answer my questions.....WHAT ARE AUTO-DOWN FEAUTRE? Is it the handle? Why isnt called a handle or may confuse someone into thinking that it is electrically controlled......

    BTW: If thats true.....about the series thing....why does FRESHALLOY itself call it the FX series.......

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    "WHAT ARE AUTO-DOWN FEAUTRE? Is it the handle? Why isnt called a handle or may confuse someone into thinking that it is electrically controlled...... "
    Exexutive speeches aren't the best source for product info. The only functionality of the rear seats were listed in my previous post. That, and they also recline. This is what he is referring to.

    They are called quick-flip rear seats with remote cargo-area releases. Again, executive speeches are notorious for conveying wrong info. Remember, they just read what someone else writes, and this writing isn't always 100% accurate or clear.

    "BTW: If thats true.....about the series thing....why does FRESHALLOY itself call it the FX series....... "
    Because Fresh Alloy is not an official Infiniti (or Nissan, for that matter) website. Fron the FAQs:

    Q: Is related to Nissan?
    A: is an independent information service and is not affiliated with Nissan Motor Co. Ltd., Nissan North America, Inc., or any of its agencies or affiliates.*

    But then, you already knew that...

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    The auto down feature is nice. There is a, handle like a flush door handle, near the rear hatch on the right side of the cargo area. Pull the hand and the rear seats fold down flat.

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    although, maybe a little reminiscent of the feature found on the expedition, i think this one is better since u first: dont have to wait an hour to get the seats down, and second: no electrical problems.....which knowing FORD, there will be an abundance of every problem imaginable!

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    problems with a FORD (Fix Or Repair Daily)?? surely not... no... nope... no way ... don't believe it

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    I'm sorry, but why don't you tell me by whom the letters "FX" are solely trade/service-marked, or who owns the trademark "FX Series." I think it's important to point out that "FX" and "FX Series" are two completely different trademarks and require seperate filings. Or you can tell me why you believe trademarking the letter combination "FX" gives an owner full rights over it's use in any phrase in any market segment/industry.

    There are 410 registered trademarks, both live and dead, that use the letters "FX". The stand-alone letters "FX" are also trademarked by multiple companies because their repective market segments/industry don't interfere with each other, nor do the respective "FX" designs look alike. Both "FX Series" trademarks that were registered are dead, but Nissan/Infiniti could easily trademark this term regardless.

    FYI, the "Infiniti" name is registered by more than 25 different companies, each in their own segment.

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    Not sure about the specifics, but this info is from the Nissan legal department. Like most companies, every communication must get their blessing, and they will not allow the use of standalone "FX" at this time because someone else hold the copyright, we are told.

    For what their exact legal concerns are, you'll have to ask the lawyers. I'm no lawyer, I just know what they tell me. So don't shoot the messenger!

    But the use of "FX" and "FX Series" and every other attempt I've had at using "FX" without the numeric "35" or "45" immediately following has been rejected and/or revised by legal.

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