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Thread: Some more Burnt Rice!

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    Some more Burnt Rice!

    Last night coming home from a friend's house, some idiot in a riced out honduh accorn tried to burn me. I passed by him at a light and I could see the big fart can exhaust and when I passed him I looked in the radar to see his HID's and I knew that once we got to the next light that he would probably try to race.

    He didn't look like he wanted to race, he was by his self and I had the wifey and kid, the light went green and sure enough he nailed it, the tires chirped, so I knew it was on, I just planted my foot down and caught him at about 30mph and then from there I just kept pulling by at least 6 car lengths, then to make matters worse for him I pulled in front of him in his lane.
    He was trying to front for some girls in the other lane when he rolled out, but the funny part is while I was passing him I was looking back and I could see his face like damn, he was so embarassed he took the next turn as fast as he could.

    I know some of you don't like street racing and I really hadn't planned on racing anyone, but the roads were clear and it was really late at night otherwise I wouldn't have raced him, except for that fact and that he was trying to front for the ladies> instead he got fronted.

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    Re: Some more Burnt Rice!


    no need to explain, if people didnt like street racing, then maybe they shouldnt be reading, the rod kills forum.

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    Re: Some more Burnt Rice!

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    some idiot in a riced out honduh accorn tried to burn me


    try that with an '03 accord. i dont think you'll be calling it a "honduh accorn." thats so lame to make fun of a cars name like that anyway, but whatever. it wont be so easy with that "accorn."

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    Re: Some more Burnt Rice!

    "burnt rice.. LOL.. I just have to post this now. I was giving a friend a ride in SaRa the other night..out by the airport here in MB. We were on a long straight avenue that dead ends at the airport, and runs perpendicular to another parkway. On the first long stretch I opened it up a little thru third and into 4th.. not even WOT.. in the right lane ahead was a black EK Civic coupe.. I stayed left, flashed to let him know I was coming by and was doing about 140kmh on the Silvia tach as I rolled by. My buddy in the passenger seat said he saw one of those big green Velox tachs on the dash and the guy had a chick with him.

    Hmm.. this could get interesting.

    I hit my right signal and slowed down for the upcoming light. He was lagging a bit, so as I crossed thru the intersection, turning right, I got in the left lane of the parkway. I just kept it in 1st at about 4k rpm waiting for him to get thru the light. Sure enough, as soon as he straightened out in the right lane, he floored it and the sound of 1000 bumblebees erupted. I let him get a good head of steam catching up to me and as soon as he got to my door, I slammed into 2nd gear and floored it. Nothing but wheelspin and the back end hangs out to the right just a bit. I countersteered and held the tail out as I proceeded to put 3 lengths on him with the ass end hanging out and the tires just boiling off smoke the whole time. I literally "smoked" him I guess.


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    Re: Some more Burnt Rice!

    good job

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    Re: Some more Burnt Rice!

    Sorry man it wasn't intended at all Hondas just that particular vehicle because he was all riced out and he tried to front because he had all the lil rice pieces, big muffler, HIDs, blue windshield washer lights.

    Besides that though, I don't believe that a 240 hp Accord will be able to beat me either, they don't have enough torque to handle the VQ.

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    Re: Some more Burnt Rice!

    If you want to race on the street, whatever....but with your wife and child in the car?

    That's just plain irresponsible.

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    Re: Some more Burnt Rice!

    So what exactly are sports sedans and sport trucks (SUVs) and sports minivans for, if you can't race with the family?

    M Type X

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    Re: Some more Burnt Rice!

    Well, they certainly aren't race cars...that's for sure.

    They are vehicles that allow the driver (and some passengers) to feel somewhat sporty although their main purpose is as a passenger vehicle. They haul people from one place to another, but with some sporty style.

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    Re: Some more Burnt Rice!

    So when you get off of the expressway in your Odyssey on your way to the "upscale shopping village" (aka 'fancy strip mall') in Rochester, you shouldn't race the dude in the silver Integra when the green allow appears for the double-left turn lane? What about cutting off the silver Integra and throwing the bag of chips back to the kids as part of the victory dance while gunning the engine more for the next turn?

    M Type X

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    Re: Some more Burnt Rice!

    That depends on whether or not you have 20" niche rims or not...

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    I'll still beat it lol SR all the way hahaha no, but really i would.

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