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Thread: kouki spoiler painting

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    kouki spoiler painting

    Has anyone else out there recently painted and installed an S14 kouki spoiler on their car? I just had a quote for the paint/install, and the prices from shops have ranged from $800-1900 !!! Thats ridiculous!

    The work I want done is to have the spoiler painted, then the trunk a bit of touch up, old spoiler holes filled in, new holes drilled and the Kouki spoiler ( replica) mounted. If possible, shaved emblems in the back. Sounds like alot of work, but $800 seems WAY too much, much less 1900 (half way to a pretty damn good paint job on the WHOLE car)!!!

    So I'm wondering how much it cost the rest of you to have your stuff pain ted and mounted?

    Other wise, it might be damn well chjeaper to buy a used kouki spoiler in aspen white from ebay ($200, maybe $250), and then a freakin $600 carbon fiber trunk !!!!

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    Re: kouki spoiler painting

    Damn! Pardon my ignorance, but what's a kouki S14 spoiler look like? I know a few guys who might have them if they haven't thrown them out. I got a (used, factory) kouki 180 wing installed and painted for way less than that.

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    Re: kouki spoiler painting

    The work I want done is to have the spoiler painted, then the trunk a bit of touch up, old spoiler holes filled in, new holes drilled and the Kouki spoiler ( replica) mounted. If possible, shaved emblems in the back
    For S14 it should not cost that much to install... at most $500-659ish.

    For my S13 coupe I had to buy a new trunk without holes... and the bodyshop quoted me $450 to paint and also to do the necessary modifications to make the spoiler fit the flat S13 trunk lid (S14 trunks are slightly curved). Should be cheaper if I throw it in with the paint job for the car and the bodykit and the front end that I have planned.

    Should be.


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    Re: kouki spoiler painting

    i took me about 30 minutes of drilling four holes and screwing them on. then you can bondo the holes in and have it painted. if someone charged you over $20 to put that thing on, they should die.

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    Re: kouki spoiler painting

    THANK YOU! Its still more than I was anticipating ($200-300 most), but Thats a helluva alot better than $800.

    I'll continue searching for a hookup, but I hear california body shops have been cracked down by authorities and can't really offer that stuff anymore.

    go to and look in the S14 section, they have pictures of the spoiler mounted.
    Calling it a Kouki spoiler might be off on my part, since technically it fits on an would be more accurate to say "S14 Silvia K's" spoiler...came only on the turbo charged models i believe.

    I am still tempted to sell it and get a painted one, so as an addendum I'll ask if anyone wants it...haha

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    Re: kouki spoiler painting

    One very, very important information you are forgetting...

    You have Aspen Pearl paint. It's a 3 layer pearl paint, and it requires lots of blending to get it to look right.

    I was quoted $1,200 for the same job... It's the joy of having pearl paint....

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    Re: kouki spoiler painting

    thats why you spend $150 on a "drifter" paintjob.

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    Re: kouki spoiler painting

    thats why you spend $150 on a "drifter" paintjob.

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    Re: kouki spoiler painting

    white bunny, you needed trunk work and spoiler paint too?! Did you end up shelling out the money?

    So, i guess i should look for an authentic K's spoiler in Aspen white? Hopefully there's decent ones floating on ebay

    With all the replica's out there, i doubt i'll make the $250 back on the wing...damn...

    How much do base model trunks go for?

    does osofast240 still have carbon fiber trunk for sale =P

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    Re: kouki spoiler painting

    The painting work is more than trunk and spoiler painting.

    To do the job right, they have to blend up to the doors.... Yes, up to the doors.

    My car had been repained under warrenty years ago for the infamous yellowing issue on Aspen Pearl bumpers.

    Basically, the roof, and door of my car still wears original paint.

    That's how much blending is required.

    As for picking up an used one in Aspen Pearl. I did, but still had to repaint the wing to fixed cracked paint...

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    Re: kouki spoiler painting

    I had a guy weld up my spoiler and 3rd brakelight holes for a six-pack. Painting the decklid and spoiler should be less than $200, take both of them along with you fuel door to get a good match. I get paintwork done regularly and have never paid more than $100 a panel/item. Most shops won't do small work like that, or they'll charge you a 'booth charge', which is a flat rate no matter what they do. Keep asking around, make friends.

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    Re: kouki spoiler painting

    I was charged 3k for a full color change excluding engine bay which I left black, and I had my Kouki Silvia wing painted and installed. They removed the stock one, drilled new holes, welded the old ones shut, and I was all set. Only problem is the wing has had to come off 3 times due to water leaking into the trunk. I love the wing but damn it's caused me a lot of grief.

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    Re: kouki spoiler painting

    I am currently planning to fill the old holes myself, but obviously painting pearl white i'm not even going to attempt as a first time job. Hopefully, i can handle all the prep and drilling, let the shop spray, and be done with it.

    Spoiler is in the FS section testing the waters.

    I could also wait till I have more stuff to do...say..a Kouki front and rear bumper or something...

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    Re: kouki spoiler painting

    i was joking dummy

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