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Thread: Infiniti Navigation System: Latest Nav CDs & System Upgrades

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    I purchased an 01 I30t and the nav disc is for map4. I live in zone 9 but mainly travel the eastern seaboard. Is it possible to find a disc that is compatible w/ the infi sys that covers the US.

    does anone have mca 7,8 & 9 version 5.5 if some contact me at

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    Angry navigation cd's

    I really need navigational CD's for all zones, A while back someone broke into my infiniti 2002 Qx4 and stole all of my Cd's > I need to replace them somehow.In anyone can help,please respond.Email if needed

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    Smile interested in navigation cds

    Quote Originally Posted by simon151
    I have mca 7,8,and 9, all version 5.2 for sale.
    I would like a price for each CD for sale.I'm trying to replace my cd's that have been stolen.Thanks Bob (

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    What Zone?

    Just bought a 2003 do I determine my zone?

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    Talking Anyone have the latest MCA 2 disc?

    I just recently bought a 2001 Infiniti I30t and it didn't come with a navigation disc! = (

    I was wondering if anyone has the MCA2 disc that I can get a copy of or something? I would offer to trade one, but I dont have any!



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    i have 5.5 version cds for navigation but i need the 5.5 program does anyone want to do some trading? i have map 6 and 9. i bought these and didnt no you had to get the upgraded program cd too. i have Qx4 please email me here teresajo

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    Was wondering if anyone has a copy of the MCA 2 navigation cd? I have 9, 8, 7, 3 and 1 if anyone needs them. I really only need MCA 2 since that is where I live. Sorry for bringing up an old thread, but it's one of the few threads that I can find on this subject. Thanks.

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    Any interest in selling MCA 7 CD?

    Just bought used QX4 w/ MCA 6.

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    Nav CD

    i have # 8 from original 2002 QX4. need # 7 for New England
    They are $120.00 new at Navteq website and they are more up to date.
    Happy to sell you my #8 for 50.00

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    Looking for 2001 QX4 Nav CD for Florida

    Trusting this thread is still breathing ... hopefully someone knows a source for the Nav CD's for the QX4 2001 ... I still have mine and it's going strong, just need the Nav CD's.

    Thanks all.

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    You can get them here for $120, prob. cheaper if you search eBay ..............
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