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Thread: RB20DET swap into S14 wiring info

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    RB20DET swap into S14 wiring info

    I made up a sheet a while ago with info for wiring an RB20DET into my 1995 S14. Just finished the swap the other day (engine cranked on first try), so now I am sure that this is correct info.

    Here it is (you need Adobe Reader to view it):



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    Re: RB20DET swap into S14 wiring info

    I can host that on my website if you want. I'll make sure you get full credit.

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    Re: RB20DET swap into S14 wiring info

    Sure, you may host it. I'm not worried about credit... it only took an hour or so! Just so long as it is free and the information gets out there.

    Remember back on the old Amarok lists when people first started talking about SR swaps? The naysayers said it couldn't be done, it was made for right-hand drive, mounting was different, wiring was too hard, engine was too small, wasn't worth it, etc. And now look at how mighty the SR has become.

    RB's are the same way (as I am sure you are finding out). I want everyone to know that I had no mounting issues, no steering clearance issues, no shifter issues, no wiring issues. I used R32 mounts, KA shifter, KA driveshaft. It looks like the S14 and RB20 were made for each other. In fact, the only custom parts I have are a plug I made for the back end of the HICAS PS pump (I don't have HICAS) and an extra-long throttle cable bracket.

    But the coolest thing is the sound. IMHO, my car sounds better than a Mustang. Almost as good as a C-5.


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    Re: RB20DET swap into S14 wiring info

    how altruistic of you what a shaft of light! too bad this wasnt like 4 years ago. and an rb20??? cmon, seriously. who does those besides cheapskates.
    clean format for the diagram tho.. prolly should have labeled them by their oem plug # (i.e. F9 or F10) etc

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    Re: RB20DET swap into S14 wiring info

    Ah, but they ARE labeled by their OEM plug designation. Look again.

    Yeah, yeah, that's me, the totally unselfish champion of the common man (er... cheapskate). Feel free to send me money tho.

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    Re: RB20DET swap into S14 wiring info

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    S14 wiring

    Just thought to let you know your wiring doesnt work.Looks like your pins are out but then again is this a KA s14?? I have a sr20de silvia and even the rb20det wiring colours dont match up on sum of them.

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    Yes USA KA S14 to RB20.
    90 Tsi with Toys*SOLD*
    95 S14 AreB 20 lag monster
    91 NX2000 SR20VE powered daily driver.

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