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    Dear Law Enforcement Officer

    The following is an Addendum to the FreshAlloy user agreement and is of interest to local, state, federal LEO's.

    The Term "Law Enforcement Officers" for the purpose of the FreshAlloy user agreement specifically and additionally also extends to non criminal investigators from DHS, EPA, DOT, CHP or any other agency involved in enforcing rules, provisions, regulations and laws regarding the import and modification of motor vehicles.

    The FreshAlloy User Agreement is hereby amended to state:

    1) Any person, including a LEO, who comes to this community hereby agrees not to use, canvas, analyze, attribute ownership or in any other way glean information from the forum, for the purpose of confiscating, limiting, taxing or in any other way affecting ownership or use of, modified motor vehicles.


    a. Logging onto, or viewing to FreshAlloy forums constitutes agreement to this addendum and you may not use, collect or even view such information in any way for an investigation affecting the importation or modification of motor vehicles or the ownership of such vehicles. Any such activity constitutes violation of the user agreement.

    b. Anyone who violates the user agreement in this manner does not have permission to view these forums, and they are hereby expressly declared a private communication between members who have accepted the user agreement and are not in violation thereof.

    c. This private communication therefore can only be viewed and used for such purposes if the LEO serves FreshAlloy, LLC with a subpoena.

    3) Permission for criminal investigators to use the forums in order to find stolen vehicles or property, or to find those who have stolen vehicles or any other property, is hereby expressly granted and is in no way affected by the above provisions. The FreshAlloy administration has always allowed and encouraged such activity on this site.

    Our intent is to protect the membership from unfair information collection practices and keep them comfortable posting here, as well as protecting them from unreasonable searches and seizures and to make our forums a lower risk environment than other forums which may not have such a provision in their user agreement.

    It is also our intent to protect the taxpayer from poor prioritization of his valuable and necessary law enforcement dollars.

    No case of this on these boards has yet come to our attention, but prior activity by regulatory and LE agencies vis-a-vis this nation's Skyline Community prompted this amendment.

    We encourage other internet forums to follow FreshAlloy's lead with a similar announcement to help prevent any such activity.

    For the the good of the online community we hereby waive the FreshAlloy copyright to this announcement and other forums are allowed and encouraged to use it.